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Work from home highlights, June

Work from Home highlightsYesterday our regular round-up of the latest posts went out to subscribers.

If you didn’t get it, now’s your chance to catch up with the work from home highlights of the last month:

When I was at school we were shown a film about the office of the future, a place where everything would be carried out on computer, the ‘paperless office’. Ha, well, that hasn’t happened, has it?

Professional organiser Cassie Tillett says ‘paperwork is the most common problem I help clients with’ and most of us are familiar with those piles of paper that mysteriously grow of their own accord on the sides of the desk.

Even if your paperwork is neatly organised in your office you’ll need a way to carry it to meetings. We’ve just reviewed three very different leather bags by Scaramanga, whose well-designed products are made by small-scale producers and family-run businesses.

There’s something here for both men and women, and various purposes. All score very highly for style, quality and practicality, and will no doubt be pinched/borrowed by your nearest and dearest. Check out the portfolio case, for example. You’ll find the links to the other bags below the review.

Lately I keep hearing about self-employed people who, to their own surprise, have taken a job, full or part-time, temporary or permanent. It’s a sign of the times we live in that home workers have to be adaptable and maybe make decisions that seemed unthinkable only a short time ago.

Sarah Cruickshank wrote a very popular post for us 18 months ago about being tempted back into the workplace and why she eventually decided against it. Read how her life has moved on and how she’s now an employee again and loving it. Please do get in touch if you’ve gone back into employment, as I’m putting together a post on the subject.

I know I’m not the only home worker who’s curious about how others work, and lately we’ve had some tantalising glimpses of garden offices in Garden Office Spotlight. You can now get a contemporary design with ‘floating’ walls, a combined office and guest annexe, and a garden room big enough to accommodate staff, to name just a few we’ve recently featured.

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