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Vonage video – Tips, Advice and Ideas for Working from Home

At the end of September I travelled up to London on a gloriously sunny Monday morning to take part in a Vonage video. I’ve worked with Vonage on sponsored posts about phone lines for home businesses, and they got in touch to ask if I’d like to talk about home working in a video series of small business tips with the first winner of The Apprentice, Tim Campbell MBE.

The train was late and my texts about my slow progress weren’t received, but I had the most amazing piece of luck when I got close to my destination. I turned to a young man passing to confirm I was in the right place and he said ‘You’re not Judy, are you?’ It was the producer!

Filming was done in a room on the ground floor facing the square, and despite the Venetian blinds we occasionally had to stop if someone walked past close to the window or people stopped to chat.

I didn’t get to meet Tim, who was filmed on another day, and you can see from the Vonage video that two films are edited together. It was different to any filming I’ve done before because I wasn’t talking to someone else, so I had to preface each answer with a summary of the question to put it into context.

I dried up a few times or got my words mixed up, but the crew seemed happy with what they got, and you can see the result for yourself above.

I’ve been growing out the layers in my hair and was due a haircut at the time. I can see now I really should have had a blowdry beforehand! Must bear that in mind for next time, and take all angles into account. I’m too used to Skype, you see.

Filming was completed very quickly, which meant I had time for a stroll to admire London in the sun before catching my train home. It was such a gorgeous afternoon that I lost track of time and only just got to Paddington in time.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience and by no means a typical home working Monday – thank you, Vonage!

Vonage video

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