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The advantages of a second phone line

Vonage - second phone lineIn a previous post Vonage explained how a separate business line helps you maintain boundaries between home and business life, and promotes a more professional image.

And today’s sponsored post looks at how a second phone line also gives you more presence across the world, and keeps you in touch when travelling:

Appear geographically local to your market
Would it help your business to project an international image? Would a regional UK presence be beneficial? Your second phone line can do some rather clever marketing for you.

More than just a dedicated line for your business, you can transform your office phone into a very smart phone indeed.

Your second phone line need not have just one phone number for customers. Virtual numbers can give your business the flexibility it needs to reach a growing and geographically diverse customer base.

A virtual number is another phone number that your business can have to receive incoming calls on your second phone line. So, your office in Manchester (Lancashire) could have a virtual number that carries a Manchester (New Hampshire) dialling code – or one for anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

This means that anyone calling you from overseas can speak to you as though they lived in the same country and avoid paying for an international call. Or that anyone in the UK can call you for the cost of a local call.

Your second phone line can help you project your presence across the UK or internationally without the need for additional offices.

Don’t let your phone tie you to your desk
For many small business owners or freelancers, the office itself is a place we return to but are far from stationed in. Most of us need to travel to do business and our second phone line solution enables you to do this without needing to miss any calls.

Vonage - second phone line - don't be tied to your deskYou can, in effect, take your office phone with you wherever you’re travelling to, whether it’s a business meeting an hour’s drive away or that longed for and well deserved break in the Caribbean. Your office phone is no longer limited by the length of its cord.

With Vonage you simply plug any phone into the highly portable, small Vonage box and attach this to your broadband supply. To travel with your office phone all you need do is connect a phone to your box and plug this into a broadband router. You can access all your calls and take advantage of the same cheap rates as if calling from your office.

Your Vonage line also makes it simple to divert your calls to any phone that you wish, including your mobile, or to place it on call hunt so it tries various different numbers until there’s an answer.

There’s no longer any need to miss a call whilst you are out of the office because your second phone line can be as dynamic as you and your business.

What will a second phone line cost?
Have you discounted getting a second line because you don’t want the expense? It’s true that the idea of a second phone line for small businesses can start those financial alarm bells ringing. We might envisage our perfectly decorated home office sullied by an engineer’s muddy boots and disruptive drills whirring as cables start to snake through the room.

In reality, installing a second line need not be expensive or disruptive. It can be incredibly easy. We offer a simple and straightforward solution to getting a second phone line for your business. Quite simply, there are no set-up costs, no charge for installation, no need for rewiring, and we promise you won’t be sat waiting for an engineer – with clean or dirty boots – to pay you a visit.

Our second phone line solution won’t have you counting the costs, but it’s as easy as one, two, three to get you up and running. The whole process takes less than 48 hours from placing your order – here it is in three simple steps:

Vonage - second phone line - 3 steps1. Order your Vonage box.
2. Plug it in to your existing broadband router.
3. Plug in a phone and start saving money.

Another benefit is that you’re not locked into a long-term contract so you’ll never be left paying for a service you no longer need.

In terms of ongoing costs, our call plans could actually be saving you money rather than costing you more. Your second phone line can actually help you to lower and control the costs of your business calls.

  • You receive a monthly contract and a range of low-cost call plans that will help ensure you have no more unexpectedly high phone bills crashing through your letterbox.
  • You benefit from free calls to all other Vonage phones.
  • You can enjoy low-cost calls to all other destinations not included in your call plan.

Make your office phone a premium phone – without the premiums
As well as saving you money on your calls, getting a second phone line for your office through Vonage also offers you the following benefits:

  • You can choose your number and dialling code for your business.
  • You have the ability to opt for additional ‘virtual numbers’ and project a presence to other regions or countries.
  • You can take your office phone with you by taking your Vonage box when you travel.
  • You’re able to divert calls to other phone numbers.
  • You can receive voicemails transcribed as text email messages.
  • You’ll miss fewer important business calls thanks to features like caller display, switching between calls and call waiting.

Isn’t it time you started to ring the changes and take advantage of the benefits of a second phone line?

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