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Work from Home Success Program – Home working lifestyle

Module 2 Part 4 Home working lifestyle

Yes, you’re quite right – the last podcast I published was Part 1 of Module 2, and suddenly we’re on Part 4? That’s because Parts 2 and 3 were about online tools that help you to set up a website or blog, check its traffic and find out what you need to tweak. And since we recorded these podcasts, some of the features have changed, so I decided it’s best to leave them out.

So we’re fast forwarding to Part 4, which is about all the little things that enhance the home working lifestyle, give you a reason to take a break and add some humour to your day.

This material came from the many conversations I’ve had with home workers about their favourite things. Not surprisingly, technology came top because we wouldn’t be working at home if we didn’t have all these gadgets.

But having acknowledged their reliance on, and appreciation of, all the amazing things we can now do remotely, people’s personal favourites include food and drink, children, a wide range of pets, wildlife, and the view from their home office window.

And then there’s stationery porn, a taste for paper, notebooks and pens that many home workers confess to. It accompanies a love of shops like Paperchase, and a guilty admission to owning a pile of virgin notebooks and adding to the stash whenever an opportunity presents itself.

We like old-fashioned diaries too, although I’d like to make it clear that since this was recorded I have become the owner of an iPhone, although I’m probably the most detached iPhone user in the world.

I often leave it at home, or in my bag, and only remember to check it when it starts ringing. Yesterday was the first occasion I was able to buy a birthday card, and address it without recourse to my heavy old Filofax.

What are your favourite bits of the home working lifestyle? The latest techie bits, or the more traditional tools, or an idiosyncratic mix of both?

PS Here’s the link to the Simon’s Cat video I mention in the podcast, Cat and Mouse, not much longer than a minute and always worth a view.

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