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What can you see from your home office window?

Home office views are often one of our favourite things

What can you see from your home office window?I’ve discovered from talking to many home workers that our favourite things about home working tend fall into three broad categories – technology, food and drink, and personal factors, often involving children and pets. In the last category people often mention the view from their home office window, one of my own home working favourites.

This morning a flash of white caught my eye and I looked up to see a pair of brilliant white birds landing in a tree across the river. From there they descended to where piles of stones make the water shallow and pootled about for a bit before wading off downriver. They were like small herons, each with a rakish feather protruding down from the back of their head.

A had just started a coaching call in his room and I couldn’t find the camera when I crept in, so I have no record, but I’ve found this Clipart photo. The birds were here for maybe 20 minutes before flying elegantly away over the fields.

And yes, egrets, I can hear you shouting! I hope they come back, especially as our home working neighbour the heron took its leave a couple of days after I took its picture and has only returned once when the river was in full spate after heavy rain.

We are particularly lucky in having all this wildlife literally on our doorstep at the mill, but even when we were living in a more urban environment looking out of my home office window could provide entertainment. How about the time two middle-aged ladies had a fight in the middle of the road outside the pub? Wild life of a slightly different kind.

What can you see out of your home office window, or would you rather not? Is it inspirational or a good reason to get back to work?

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  1. Ali Davies says:

    We moved house back in Jan and my new home office looks out over fields. I don’t think the novelty will ever wear off. Love it. I find it inspires me and helps with creative thinking and a feeling of wellbeing.

    • Judy says:

      And it’s so restful for the eyes to be able to look out into the far distance as a change from focusing on the screen.

  2. eddy hamilton says:

    I have posted my garden office picture on a few occasions as it always gives me great pleasure to look out on green pastures where tranquility is evident and always prompts me to think how lucky it is to have such a back drop to my working enviorment.Here is a copy of yesterdays photo

  3. Becca says:

    I have a peace and quite place here even tho all i can see in my window is my neighbours house.

  4. Alis Elkind says:

    In our home we occasionally can find some bears looking for food, and they are stepping on our doorstep and then go away.. Very beautiful moments indeed.

  5. I purposely have my desk near the window. It’s good for changing focal distance as you say Judy, since our eyes weren’t designed for a lot of close work.

    I love seeing the birds on the privet and having access to the light and space.