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Work from Home Success Program – computer equipment

Module 2 Part 1 Computer equipment

Moving onto Module 2 of the Work from Home Success Program, we take a look at the computer equipment a home worker needs in the home office, and also on the move.

You’ve probably already got a computer you can use, bearing in mind the industry standard for the work you do. You’ll know if a Mac is a must, and otherwise it’s down to personal preference and budget.

Keeping files and tidy and uncluttered is as important on the computer as it is on your desk or in your filing cabinet. And I can vouch for that as my laptop is running slow and I need to clear lots of stuff off it. Amazing how quickly data can accumulate, and the ‘I’ll keep that in case I need it again one day’ is as fatal virtually as it is for your cupboard space!

Have you considered a LAN cable? I use one in my home office and wifi when I’m in other rooms, and I explain why in the podcast.

And finally you’ll need a bag and/or a sleeve to protect your computer when you go out. This is one of the bits of kit that home workers tend to be really fussy about, and lots of us have a favourite type or brand. Check out the Home working bag lady post and its Part 2 follow-up for lots of recommendations.

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