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Home working bag lady – Part 2

Home working bag lady

Bags for Mobile Home Workers

Bags have been much on my mind again recently, with a trip to London last week and another yesterday for the Everywoman conference. I haven’t yet found my perfect mobile working bag.

Actually I’ve come to the conclusion that the solution is to buy a smaller, lighter laptop, not a new bag, but that’s a rather steeper investment and will have to wait for a while. And of course if I got an iPhone I could also dispense with my Filofax and A-Z and float about almost weightlessly!

In the meantime I’ve bought a very smart and spacious wine-coloured bag for events like the conference, where my favourite satchel and purple suede sack just don’t cut it! It’s the most grown-up bag I’ve ever had and I must say it’s rather a treat to be able to find everything instead of it all falling in a heap at the bottom.

I’ll take a picture of my smart, ladylike bag soon, but in the meantime do let me know if you’ve discovered any clever solutions for home workers on the move.

Also check out our laptop bag reviews. You may find something to suit you there. Reviews are from one of our panel of reviewers who are seasoned home workers and know what to look for in the perfect bag.

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  1. margaret says:

    I like the leather one you quote but not the rightbagcompany one. I think you need a bag that holds the laptop and the other stuff as well. Those leather ones are great. thanks for the tip.

    • judy says:

      Hi Marg, I’m not sure which one you mean – did you check out the laptop bag page on rightbag? Some have space for other bits and pieces as well. Depends how much you carry round with you!

  2. David Wike says:

    Never mind bags for women, what about us blokes? My laptop bag has compartments for documents and other stuff and is fine. But what happens when I don’t need to take the laptop? Where am I going to put phone, car keys, a notebook and other small odds and ends. It’s the main reason I wear a jacket wherever I go but all that clutter bulging in the pockets doesn’t do anything for the line! I don’t quite have the courage for a so-called man bag, so what to do? I don’t know what I want but I’ll know it when I see it!

    Bagless of Bromsgrove

    • judy says:

      Mm, there are lots of lovely man bags but the only smaller version I’ve seen is that clutch bag thingy with a wrist strap that men carry in Europe. Maybe not quite what you’re after, David?

      Did you see Bill Nighy in the recent drama ‘Page Eight’? I loved the way he sold a painting for thousands of pounds cash, which he then carried insouciantly around in a Waitrose carrier bag!

  3. Don says:

    Judy and Dave have you thought about a backpack? I bought my wife one to hold her 17″ dell laptop. It is Swiss army it has a ton of pockets for files and other things you may need. Got it on the Dell site. Dave look at Tom Bihn they have great bags for men.

  4. Karen White says:

    Thanks for the mention, Judy!
    I actually splashed out on a red Crumpler bag this week and used it for the first time yesterday – it’s like an office on my shoulder! Not terribly feminine, but I think it’s as close to what I was looking for as I’ll get. As you say, for stylish bags, you need a smaller laptop. I don’t look at my 16.5″ Toshiba with quite the same fondness since I started my bag search!

    • judy says:

      Thanks for sharing another link with us, Karen. I know what you mean about laptop discontent! I’ve had my MacBook for 2 years now and was still feeling pretty smug about it but now I cast covetous glances at other people’s MacBook Airs 🙁