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The right car for your business

The right car for your businessApparently when we meet new people we make judgements about them in just a few seconds.

What you’re wearing makes an immediate impression from which people form judgements about your personality and professionalism.

And the right car for your business can also contribute to your chosen image, as today’s sponsored post from BMW explains.

1. Use the style of vehicle that suits your job.
Potential customers would be very doubtful about taking on a plumber who turned up to price a job wearing a suit, or a company director who attended a meeting in grubby, worn out clothes.

Your vehicle also communicates something about your business. A sign-written van can be a great advert for businesses like cleaning, decorating and gardening. You can get work just by being parked on busy streets or driving around town. A trusty old banger can also be fine for carrying around tools, but might look a bit dodgy if you’re an accountant, say, or a designer.

I was told in a networking meeting by people who have changed careers that until they could get a car that fitted their new image, they carefully parked some distance away from a meeting venue and walked the rest of the way!

2. Your car might say more about you than you think.
It’s a good idea to always leave plenty of time to find a parking space at your destination. A friend who used to work for a blue chip communication company tells the story of a colleague who had a meeting to discuss a large contract with the managing director of a prestigious company.

He arrived just before the appointment time, only to find there were no spaces left in the company car park. So he parked on a grass verge that was part of the landscaping and rushed in for the meeting. Shame the MD happened to be looking out of the window and saw him do it. Unimpressed with such rude behaviour from a prospective supplier – a bit like going to see a new friend and deciding to park on their lawn! – that he gave the contract to a competitor.

3. Keep it clean.
And then there’s the question of your car’s condition! If you use your car to ferry children around or do sport at the weekend, it’s a fair bet it’s not always in the pristine condition you might want when you have to rush off to a business meeting.

Getting your car washed in a supermarket car park while you do the shopping is a great time-saver and a good way of keeping your vehicle clean with minimum effort. Gather up all the rubbish abandoned on the floor and dump it in the bin before you drive away and you can feel confident about offering a lift to any new acquaintance!

Is it time to think about a new or another car? Whether you’re looking for a smart BMW for sale, a van you can paint in company colours, or a lorry to add to your fleet, a careful choice of the right car for your business will enhance your image as well as provide reliable transport for you and your wares.

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