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Make use of van signwriting

Van signwriting turns your work van into a mobile advert!

Van signwritingWhen I ran my cleaning business I got quite a bit of business from parking my signwritten Jeep in the centre of Bath while I was out and about. Today we have a sponsored post from ASAP UK on the benefits of van signwriting:

Running a successful business in today’s fiercely competitive market is no mean feat. Attracting customers, retaining them, making profits and building a solid reputation takes time, energy and focus. If you are operating a large firm with dozens of employees, you will have the luxury of a sales team, a marketing department and an advertising agency, probably backed up by a decent budget. But if you work for yourself, either alone or with one or two staff, then it’s all down to you.

Whatever the nature of your business – from plumbing to painting, catering to cleaning – you can guarantee there will be several other similar companies in your area, all vying for the same customers. Getting your name out there is key to fighting off the competition and you need to consider all kinds of ways of raising your profile. There are lots of options available now, from social media to online advertising, but sometimes you need to look at logical, practical methods to back up your use of technology.

Think about it. When you are driving to your next appointment, you are passing all kinds of potential new customers. Sitting in a traffic jam in the middle of the city is a wasted opportunity to get your name known to a few more people. If you own a vehicle, then van signwriting is the perfect opportunity to advertise your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How does van signwriting work? It’s quite simple really. You can choose to just put a few details on your vehicle, such as your name and contact information. Or you could go the whole hog and have your van wrapped – using vinyl panels – with images, clever advertising and straplines. When you’re waiting at a red light, think about what the people in car next to you and the car behind you will be seeing. They could just be looking idly at your paintwork, or they could be subliminally taking in your marketing messages.

If you have a few vehicles, then van signwriting is even better as it’s a good opportunity to give your branding some consistency and raise your profile. Make sure all your company colours and logos are consistent across all of your vans and tell your staff to drive courteously and carefully (you don’t want your business information all over a van that’s being driven badly).

Van signwriting is a very effective form of advertising and it’s really easy to manage – if you want to change your information or update your details you can do so quickly. And vinyl wrapping can be removed if you ever want to sell a vehicle.

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