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Vehicle wrappingToday’s guest post introduces vehicle wrapping as a very effective way to advertise your home business in the local area:

If you’re looking for an extremely cost-effective means of advertising, then having your vehicle wrapped in vinyl could be the answer. No other form of advertising can offer the same impact. Vehicle wrapping promotes your business wherever you travel.

On the move
If your business serves local customers, then wrapping your vehicle is an excellent form of marketing. People like to deal with local businesses and if they see your vehicle driving around regularly you’ll become memorable and they’ll think of you first if they need a particular trade or industry.

There’s no other type of advertising medium that can travel this many miles. You’re literally promoting your business wherever you drive at whatever time of day. Every car or pedestrian you travel past could be a potential customer. Unlike other forms of advertising, such as newspapers or television, vehicle wraps can’t be ignored. Potential customers can’t switch off or turn the page, so the messages don’t get lost.

Eye-catching graphics
There are endless possibilities for the colours and designs of your vehicle graphics. You’re only limited by your imagination. This provides you with the opportunity to make a great impact, attracting attention wherever you go. Drivers will ignore plain cars, but they’re instantly attracted to one with a vinyl wrap.

Compared with other advertising media, vehicle wrapping is an extremely cost-effective method. The initial design is relatively cheap to apply and if done correctly it can last anywhere between three and five years. Compare this to a newspaper advert, which is considerably more expensive, has a limited circulation and is thrown away when the newspaper has been read. Over the course of the years, your vehicle will drive past thousands of people who’ll all become aware of your brand.

It’s also a good investment for your car, as it helps to protect the bodywork. This means that you’ll need to replace the vehicle on a less regular basis, saving your business even more money. The vinyl wrap is easily removed when you do want to sell the car and it causes no damage to the existing paintwork.

Easy to update
No businesses want to have the same brand messages forever. Vehicle wrapping can be easily removed if you want to change the design or freshen up the image. Once you’ve got a new design, it can be applied quickly.

Today it’s more important than ever that your branding is memorable and stands out from the crowd. Opting to have your car wrapped means you’ll start making an impact straight away.

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  1. I don’t suppose vehicle wrapping was available when we started our cleaning business in the 80s, but we had our white Suzuki jeep signwritten, and I can confirm it’s extremely effective advertising. It used to be parked in the middle of Bath every morning and evening and we got work from people noting down our number.
    We were even approached a couple of times by people visiting Bath who thought we must be a franchise and wanted to know about opening in their own area!
    Sadly I was never sufficiently enthusiastic about the cleaning industry to pursue that course :-/

  2. Joseph says:

    It offers a much better choice that permanently painting your car.

    And if there are mistakes, or you want to change your logo etc., it becomes much easier to replace with a new, improved version.

  3. Sarah says:

    Vehicle wrapping is very effective for the promotion of your business and yes, no doubt it is the most cost effective and inexpensive way of advertising in comparison to other forms of advertisements such as advertisements in magazines etc. With this you can utilize your business transport vehicles in an effective manner and you can also change the advertisements whenever you want as these are not too expensive. Moreover, vinyl wraps are also very protective.