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Clever ways to keep warm working from home

Clever ways to keep warm working from homeThis is a topic we return to every year because it’s one that preoccupies lots of people working at home.

Being cold badly affects your levels of productivity and motivation, as well as making you miserable.

So finding ways to keep warm working from home is essential – ways that don’t involve putting on expensive central heating when you’re only using one room.

This isn’t a brilliant photo we took in a Muji store this week, but I hope you can see enough of the Multi-cape to appreciate why it appealed to me.

I popped in to get a refill for my favourite pen ever, and always have a browse to see what the latest products are. I discovered the Multi-cape downstairs in the ladies’ fashion section. It’s basically just a flat piece of knitting with buttons that you can wear in a variety of ways that leave the arms free, so it’s ideal for sitting at the keyboard.

I was hoping I’d be able to give you a link to the Muji website with more details, but sadly it’s not available online. At £69.95 I wouldn’t buy one, but I bet anyone with basic knitting skills could knock one up pretty quickly.

Do you have other clever ways to keep warm working from home? I have been wrapping a woolly blanket round my lower half, as my legs get cold after a while. I decided against trying out the terracotta pot and nightlight idea, even though it’s only supposed to cost 8p a day. I felt that with papers around in my home office it was asking for trouble!

I’m hoping we will soon be able to review a low cost, energy-saving panel heater that a reader spotted and is interested in.

Here are the reviews we’ve already done of ways to keep warm working from home – fingerless gloves, sheepskin boots, the Snuglin and the Slanket.

And do let me know if you see any other clever ways to keep warm working from home that you’d like us to check out on your behalf. I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to get a product for review, but we can try.

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