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How do you adapt your workspace for the winter?

Winter workspace warmers

Adapt your workspace for winterAs the weather gets colder and the days shorter, it’s a natural instinct to make the house cosier, to draw the curtains and settle in for the winter. Like any other room you spend a lot of time in, your workspace probably changes at this time of year as well.

While I like windows open, light colours and plenty of space in the warmer months, I find myself bringing blankets and other bits and pieces into my workspace as the year rolls on.

There is now condensation on the windows most mornings, and I only open the windows to dry them and give the room an airing, and close them again as soon as possible.

In the summer I look out at the apple trees in the neighbour’s garden and across the river to a copse. Now the leaves are falling and it’s looking chilly out there I put a plant on window sill for a bit of colour.

My grey fleece blanket hangs over the back of my chair and my fingerless gloves from Turtle Doves are on the desk if they’re not on my hands! I’ve noticed that many of the home workers who have opened their bags to show us what they carry when they’re away from home have some lip balm. I keep a tin of it on my desk to keep chapped lips at bay.

When do you put the heating on? Do you aim to keep it off until a specific date, or do you have ways to heat your workspace and not the rest of the house?

I’ve got my Snuglin out of the cupboard, ready to switch on and put on my knees should the weather do the ‘Arctic plunge’ forecast in some newspapers recently. My sheepskin boots aren’t in the photo because they are on my feet and I don’t want to take then off, even for a quick pic!

Right, I’m off to make coffee and toast to warm my hands and insides. Oh, and soup is back on home working lunch menu.

What changes do you make to your workspace for the winter? Comments and photos very welcome 🙂

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