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Homeworking update for September

Homeworking update for SeptemberI’ve just pushed the button to send out a collection of posts from the last month.

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As usual I’ve chosen a wide range of subjects that reflect the many different aspects of home working we cover with the very welcome help of our sponsors and guest authors.

This month we have a tale of two women in different centuries linked by a recipe for handmade soap. Vanessa Willes’ home business Mangle & Wringer uses the natural ingredients recorded by a kitchen maid in Belgravia to make cleaning products perfectly suited to contemporary needs.

Would you like to share your expertise by self-publishing an ebook? Emma Jordan has done just that and outlines the process of publishing on Kindle Direct, along with some recommended resources to help you along. She is already working on her second book, which might mean the laundry is abandoned once again!

What kind of garden office would you choose? Our latest Garden Office Spotlight feature showed off an unusual galvanised steel finish, a building with a curved back wall to allow garden access, and a cute garden pod providing lots of space in a compact size. Just a few of the clever designs now available for home workers wanting peace and privacy.

You could be forgiven for having a somewhat jaded view of the insurance industry and wondering whether it’s worth insuring your home business at all. But specialist brokers Policybee share some surprising facts and figures about small business claims and payments. A must-read, especially if you’re in the photography or video business!

As in the television news, we like to end on a laugh, and I’ve found 6 funny Twitter accounts that provide lighthearted relief from the daily routine. One has been turned into a book and another has over 200,000 followers, and yes, I do include a cat!

Enjoy browsing the latest homeworking update, and enjoy working from home in October.

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