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Tips for extending Android battery life

Extending Android battery life - Mr NutcaseLast week the clever Mr Nutcase provided some tips on salvaging a damaged phone.

Tips that proved very timely for a few readers!

Today they’re back with a sponsored post sharing some simple ways for extending Android battery life:

Android smartphones can be fickle beasts, especially when it comes to battery life.

There’s nothing worse than getting half way through the day and then having your handset die on you, especially if you’ve forgotten your charger or you are not in a place with a mains power supply.

To avoid this problem you should follow these quick, effective tips to avoid Android agony and start having fun with your phone all day long.

How to extend your Android battery life

Background App Elimination

One of the most common causes of bad Android battery life is having lots of apps running in the background, many of which you will not be using but will still end up using your remaining charge.

Head to the settings menu, then hit ‘Apps’ to see all of the currently enabled processes which are running. From here you’ll be able to determine which programs can and cannot remain active in the background, helping you to prioritise the most useful services while eliminating the superfluous ones.

Android even lets you see which apps are currently consuming the most battery power, so this can be a good tool for telling you the ones that are most responsible for your dead-battery problem.

Power-Saving Solution

Android has a built-in power-saving mode which you may want to activate, effectively limiting the number of activities that can be carried out so that not a drop of energy is used unnecessarily.

Newer models such as the Galaxy S5 from Samsung come with an even more advanced power-saving mode, so for ease of use this may well be your best bet. And with a personalised Sony Xperia U case you can keep your device looking good even when it is in standby mode.

Clean Up the Wallpaper and Homescreen

Another major source of Android battery life problems are the live wallpapers that are available on handsets. They may look cool, but they needlessly consume system resources and mean that your battery is being used far more than is necessary.

The homescreen itself is a bit of a power sink if you have lots of widgets crowding it, because these will all be doing their own thing even if they are seemingly dormant, so getting rid of all but the essentials is important for anyone looking to extend their Android battery life.

Case Concerns

If you are really worried about battery life but you do not want to adjust your settings or change any of your widgets, then the best alternative is to pick up a case which comes with a built-in back-up battery to supplement your handset’s onboard cell.

Remember that not all smartphones and cases are equal, and there will be some Android phones which are a bit more efficient when it comes to battery consumption than others, even if they are running the same operating system. So check up on professional reviews to find out which models fare best in this regard.

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  1. Jon says:

    Really informative, i didn’t know wallpapers affected the battery life.

  2. HiJudy,

    You have just mentioned some of the great tips for saving battery life on smartphones.

    It is also good…if you are resetting your phone after some time and re-installing all the apps again. Make sure to take the backup of your smartphone before resetting.

    Sabrez Alam