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#TalkBiz: How to save a damaged phone

How to save a damaged phone - Mr NutcaseIt’s #TalkBiz on the blog this week, with posts about keeping communications going.

We’re all heavily dependent on mobiles now so keeping them in good condition is vital.

But occasionally disaster strikes, no matter how careful we try to be.

This sponsored post from Mr Nutcase offers advice on how to salvage a damaged phone:

Unless you plan to make your own iPhone 5C case out of several layers of lead, you need to arm yourself with the information that will help you overcome common issues as and when they occur.

Here is a quick guide to help you tackle a trio of problems that may occur whether you are at home or on the move, even if you have a personalised iPhone 4S case on hand to offer some protection.

Water damaged phone

Even the smallest of liquid spills could spell potential disaster for your smartphone, unless of course you’ve got a waterproof model such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z2. So if your phone is affected, follow these steps:

1. Get it out of the water as quickly as possible and turn off the phone if it’s still powered on. If it has a removable battery, take this out to prevent any soaked circuits receiving a charge and shorting out.

2. Put the battery, along with the SIM card, memory card and handset itself, on to paper towels and dab everything down gently to remove any obvious excess water. Never use a hair dryer on a wet mobile, as this will only make things worse by actually pushing the liquid into the inside of the handset.

3. Leave everything to dry out for as long as possible — ideally overnight but even for a couple of days or longer if you can stand to be without your phone. Submerging it in a bowl of uncooked rice is a well-known trick for drawing out stubborn moisture trapped within.

4. After its resting session, put it all back together again and try turning it on. If it’s still not working, remove the battery and just plug the phone directly into the mains via its charger, since this will let you work out whether the battery is dead but the device itself still salvageable.

Cracks and scratches on the screen

Cracks and scratches are unfortunately quite common on modern smartphones. With their big and beautiful touch-sensitive displays a lot of damage can be done by bumps and scrapes.

For a small scratch, ding or crack, you can improve the appearance of your damaged phone and make the screen smooth again by rubbing on a number of different substances; these include the auto-industry Turtle Wax, and even household toothpaste, providing that it has an ample serving of baking soda contained within.

But be aware that modern mobiles which are built with an oleophobic coating are not suitable for rubbing or homemade solutions of any kind. Doing this could lead you to cause even more damage. Seeking professional help and repairs if your damaged phone is at the top of the price spectrum makes a lot of sense.

The best way to stop scratches and cracks from accumulating on your phone’s screen is to buy a screen protector, or alternatively pick up a case which includes a front panel that covers it completely.

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