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Chocolatier Isabel in World Cup festival

Home working chocolatier - Isabel Amorim, Strawberry DreamNot surprisingly, our interview with Brazilian chocolatier Isabel Amorim has been a popular post.

So I was delighted to hear that it helped Isabel come to the attention of the Brazilian Embassy when they were planning a celebration to mark the start of the World Cup.

Here we catch up with Isabel (pictured centre) whose business Strawberry Dream is going from strength to strength:

Isabel, your work as a home working chocolatier has been featured in the Unusual Home Working Jobs series and on the kitchen home office gallery – how has this helped you?
I always dedicate myself to giving my all, but this wouldn’t be enough if I weren’t able to publicise my work. And, in achieving that, I have been lucky to enjoy the strong presence of Work From Home Wisdom, presenting and spreading the word about my work with real eye-catching glamour.

This has been terrific support in front of a large audience. Being able to show the articles written about my business has made it so much easier to engage potential clients, including the Brazilian Embassy who, as a consequence, recently invited me to London’s Brazil Day.

Tell us what Brazil Day was all about.

Brazil Day was a free festival that celebrated the great diversity of Brazilian culture through a large open-air event. This included live music from some of the country’s most successful artists, celebrities and sport stars, traditional dance, beautiful food and much more. 

On this occasion, Brazil Day was celebrating something extra special because it was the opening day of the FIFA World Cup which has been taking place in Brazil. I was representing the Brazilian people through Strawberry Dream and was invited by the Brazilian Embassy to take part in this prestigious event.

Home working chocolatier - chocsWhat was your brief for the day?
This event welcomed approximately 20,000 visitors to whom we had to show what Brazil was all about so I made 1,300 chocolates. To create this huge amount, I was able to count on the help of my cousin and friends.

There were bureaucratic issues to be dealt with as well in the organisation of our stall which consisted of two tables, kitchen equipment, and decorations. Luckily I had the support of other friends with this. 

How did it all turn out?
At the end of the day, despite being completely exhausted after the many many hours of preparation and hard work, I was brimming with happiness that I had reached my objective. The admiration from the public, along with their kindness and the pleasure expressed on their faces when eating my products was truly wonderful to see. 

Have you made any interesting contacts through Brazil Day?
Each time I participate in such an event, new customers always materialise wishing to realise new dreams, thank God, and positive words about Strawberry Dream continue to be spread further afield with greater frequency.

Are you still making all your chocolates in your home kitchen? What are your plans for Strawberry Dream?
I continue to produce everything at home [see Isabel in her kitchen] but I believe Strawberry Dream will have a space open to the public soon…!  

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Isabel runs her own unique chocolate and cake business Strawberry Dream in London, combining many succulent flavours of her native Brazil. She creates irresistible hand-crafted products for events like weddings and parties as well as for individual clients. Click on the link to see more mouth-watering examples!

We can’t wait to see what Isabel is planning, and look forward to bringing you more news very soon.

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