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Unusual home working jobs – the chocolatier

Home working but different

Work from Home Wisdom - unusual home working jobsI love chocolate and I love the word ‘chocolatier’ so when I heard that Isabel Amorim makes amazing chocolates in her kitchen, I got in touch straightaway to find out more for this Unusual Home Working jobs series!

Hi Isabel, you’re Brazilian – how did you come to be in London?
To tell you how I ended up in London, I need to tell you a little bit about my story. As a family, we didn’t have much by the way of money and what made it more difficult is that my father died when I was four years old.
This led to me maturing very early and as a consequence my mother needed my help. One of the things I would do is make some chocolates called ‘Brigadeiros’ (why? Because all Brazilian children love Brigadeiros) to sell at school.
As time went by, my life went down a different path and I completed studies in economics and I worked for my region’s government. One day I decided to put that life to one side and search for something new. I really wanted to learn English and so I headed to London to study the language in Piccadilly.
How do you manage to work full-time and run a business as well?
At the beginning it was very complicated because I was learning to adapt to the tastes of British people, but I completely believed I could bring something different. My work colleagues were very supportive and encouraged me to create the business so I dedicated myself to this new work 100%.
I would be working 8 hours in the day and then come home and spend work 6 or 7 hours home working on the chocolates. It’s hard work, but when you do a job that is also a passion, no amount of hours is too much.
I also had to be open-minded about trying new things like going on chocolatier courses, going to exhibitions, but without losing sight of my principal objective which is to serve my clients well.
Your Strawberry Dream chocolates certainly look wonderfully different. What’s unique about them?
I’ve always been very perceptive when it comes to chocolates and I soon realised that over here most of them are very nice, but with little flavour. And because I have always had a great appreciation of natural flavour, I decided to acquire a huge amount of fruit and nuts to use.
What’s your favourite flavour?
It’s difficult because it’s like asking a parent which son or daughter they like more. But, okay, if you twist my arm, I really like a certain type of French chocolate. Or the guava one, or the passion fruit one, or the blackberry one etc.!
Who would be your ideal customer?
Everybody. That’s because what fuels us as human beings are feelings – of happiness AND sadness. I make chocolates because I love it when I see people’s eyes light up in joy.
I used to think that sweets were only for jubilant occasions, but last week a client asked me if I could make her some chocolates for her father’s funeral! I was shocked! In Brazil, that would be bizarre so I’m clearly still learning every day.

Isabel makes chocolates to order for celebrations and events and can post them to UK addresses. You can see more of her mouth-watering chocolates at Strawberry Dream.

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  1. Elena Anne says:

    What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it! How inspirational to see the dedication and passion she has for her work. Yum! 🙂

  2. Alexandre says:

    Well impressed!! It is a beautifully story…such an inspiration!!! Thanks! Alexandre

  3. Judy says:

    Thanks, Isabel, for telling us your story of chocolate passion 🙂

  4. Isabel Amorim says:

    Hello Judy,

    I’m really happy for this opportunity you give to me , thank you very much.

    Isabel Amorim