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5 ways to improve your home office

5 ways to improve your home office - Alicia LawrenceWe spend so much time in our home offices that sometimes they start to feel a little stale.

Today’s guest post from writer and blogger Ali Lawrence suggests some ways to improve your home office if it’s become a little uninspiring:

I feel so lucky to be able to work from home. I can set my own hours, take on as many projects as I want and occasionally work with a little gray cat cuddled up in my lap.

Best of all is that I can change my home office décor whenever I like. No need to fill out any forms or request permission from higher-ups. It gets better: Every improvement I make in my office is tax-deductible. It’s like guilt-free shopping.

If you have just started working from home or are feeling that it’s time for an upgrade, then it’s important to get your office into shape. It’s not just for cosmetic purposes, but for the sake of your productivity.

Myriad studies have proven the fact that a well-organized and pleasantly designed office space can improve your work performance. So by all means, make those improvements for the sake of your job and your creativity.

It helps to have a general idea of what your ideal office might look like. Gather ideas from magazines or online sources. Walk through an office supply or home décor shop. Once you get some ideas, it’s time to get started.

Here are 5 ways to improve your home office:

1. Perfect Placement
Consider the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, in which items in a room are placed in a certain way for optimal performance. Start with your desk. Make sure you are not facing a wall or have your back to the door.

Your desk should be facing the door and centered in the room to give you a sense of control and power. Reserve corners for items like printers or copiers. Also, keep clutter to a minimum and choose a favorite picture to brighten up your space.

2. A Choice Chair
Don’t just buy any old chair to sit on. You will be at your desk for perhaps hours at a time, so the chair needs to be functional — think lumbar support, padded seating and arm rests — and fun. You can buy office chairs in all kinds of prints, not just basic black or beige. I’ve just ordered this zebra print chair to add a touch of safari to my home office!

3. Get Organized
A quick way to improve your home office when it’s filled with books, papers, pens and other items that can easily overwhelm you and add to the clutter is to find an organizational method that works for you.

Invest in a tall bookcase that can hold tons of items including decorative items like flowers of photographs. Buy large baskets or storage bins to help control floor clutter. Small baskets or cups on your desk can be home to pens, paperclips and other easily misplaced office items.

5 ways to improve your home office - table and lamp4. The Right Light
Good lighting is critical in your home office. Make sure you have adequate lighting by investing in lamps, such as a tall floor lamp next to your desk and smaller task lights to help brighten your work surface.

Overhead lights or lights placed behind you can create a glare on your computer screen, so make sure your lamps are placed properly. It’s imperative that you avoid eye strain caused by poor lighting.

5. More With Décor
Above all, your home office should not be sterile. Inject your personality into your work space with pictures on the wall, or a calendar featuring your favorite scenery or animals.

Plants in your office can help clean the air, reduce stress and can really transform the look and feel of your room. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, consider hardy plants such as spider plants, a palm tree or even cacti. If you have a pet who likes to visit you while you’re working, put down a cute pet bed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips to improve your home office and give it the perfect mix of functionality and fun. When these elements come together, you’ll have your ideal work space to get things done in style.

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Ali Lawrence is a freelance content specialist and blogger at Homey Improvements. In her free time, she enjoys cooking healthy meals in her apple-red kitchen and binge reading fantasy novels.

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  1. Janine Gerard says:

    My desk faces the door as well. I prefer natural light of course so lighting is key to having a good home office.