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Plants for the home office

Plants for the home office - Peace LilyPlants bring colour and life to your workspace

and also have a favourable effect

on the quality of your environment

says home working editor Suzanna Henry

in today’s guest post.

House plants are mood boosters and bring nature close to home, the latter of which is particularly important for nature-starved urban dwellers. But there is also another very good reason to choose plants for the home office!

The improvement in air quality that can be brought about by introducing plants into a home office environment has been proven to reduce levels of air pollution as well as radiation from electrical office equipment.

Many home workers are working in offices with mobile phones, computers, faxes, scanners, photocopiers and printers, not to mention using ipads, other portable devices, and having Wifi connections in close proximity.

One of the best ways to counteract the electromagnetic radiation emitted by technological equipment like this is to do something quite simple. Invest in plants for the home office!

NASA have actually recommended certain plant species
which are particularly effective for reducing pollution and counteracting electromagnetic radiation. A few of these are listed below and make ideal plants for the home office:

Peace lily
– Dainty-looking plant with small, cone-shaped white flowers. Pictured above but sadly this one’s not currently flowering!
– Easy to care for.
– Prefers shady positions.
– Must be watered regularly (almost daily).

Aloe Vera
– Originally known for its health benefits in the cosmetic industry, Aloe Vera has also been proven to improve air quality in scientific studies.
– Needs plenty of space for its sprawling branches.
– Only needs occasional watering.
*Poisonous plant: do not eat.

– Plenty of sunlight needed so keep in a bright, well-lit area like a conservatory.
– Don’t overwater!

Plants for the home office - fernsFerns
– Particularly the Boston fern, although mine here in the photo isn’t that kind!
– Lush, textured leaves. Reminiscent of a forest floor!
– Trickier to care for. Needs attention and no direct sunlight.

English Ivy
– Pretty, distinctively shaped leaves and a climber – ideal for hanging over bookshelves.
– Likes bright positions, but no direct sunlight.
*Poisonous plant: do not eat.

And the best news is, these plants are widely available in garden centres, supermarkets and florists, so keep an eye out.

Do you recommend any other plants for the home office? Do you have a favourite sitting on your desk or window sill? Happy planting, everyone.

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Suzanna works in the publishing industry as an editor, in Sligo on the west coast of Ireland. She is currently entertaining the idea of adopting a work-from-home pet − of the dog or cat variety − to assist her in her editorial duties and possibly accompany her on walks.

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  1. Despite working at home a lot, I still manage to forget to water plants and end up killing them, which makes me terribly sad. Looks like the cacti is for me!

  2. Glanna says:

    The lovely smell of plants has a great effect on our productivity! The scents that have shown great potential in the work area are Lemon for its effect on concentration and Rosemary for improving memory retention. Also, I’m a big fan of Aloe Vera, the benefits you can get from them are amazing!