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Ending Work from Home Tech Week

End of #Work from Home Tech WeekToday is the last day of #WfHTechWeek,

our Work from Home Tech Week.

We hope you’ve picked up some useful tips from the posts.

If you missed any, you can find them all under the handy category of #Work from Home Tech Week.

We’re kicking back for the weekend now, so instead of a post packed with resources, I’m simply announcing the publication of the latest review carried out by a member of our home working review panel.

All the members have busy home working lives, and test products and services rigorously, writing up a report for us that gives their objective and honest opinion.

Today’s review fits nicely into Work from Home Tech Week as it’s a laptop bag, one for the ladies this time, a Knomo Charlotte 14”. Our reviewer took the bag to meetings carrying a variety of bits and pieces, and gave it almost full marks for a variety of categories such as design, quality and value for money.

Not for the first time one of her children has designs on the product under review. The same thing happened when we tried out a Mr Nutcase personalised phone case!

Do let us know if you make or supply products or services regularly used by home workers and would like us to take a look at them.

For obvious reasons we particularly enjoy putting the word out for home businesses, like Turtle Doves in Shropshire, whose fingerless gloves and ‘hugs’ are enjoyed by many of us huddled over our keyboards in winter.

Have a great weekend. Honestly, is Easter ever going to come this year?

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Enjoyed this? Then check out all the expertise available on #Work from Home Tech Week.

And today is your last chance to leave a comment on any of the posts this week telling us about your favourite piece of home office tech . Or if you prefer, tweet a picture with the hashtag #WfHTechWeek, and you could win this 5 star rated monkey 16GB USB to help save and store your documents. The competition closes at 9 pm tonight. You can see the competition rules and more information on how to enter here.

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