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Ways to avoid isolation working from home

Avoid isolation working from homeBeing driven mad by spending too much time alone?

Create your own ways to connect with likeminded people.

(No networking required!)

Yesterday I had a Skype call with Holly Worton of Socially Holistic to record a podcast for her popular series of interviews with women in business. Holly asked me what I consider to be the main challenge of working from home, and my answer was the danger of becoming isolated.

As we talked Holly mentioned that she knows a group of home workers who use Skype for mutual support. They meet up on Skype and share what they are going to work on for the next few hours, go away and do it, then meet back on Skype and discuss how they got on.

What a brilliantly simple idea not only to avoid isolation working from home and connect with likeminded people, but also to get some accountability. We all know how easy it can be to let things slide when there’s nobody else involved. And all without even leaving the house! Isn’t technology wonderful?*

But it’s good to balance online connection with a different environment and I’ve just started meeting a couple of other bloggers once a month. Blogging tends to be a solitary activity, so it’s good to sit in someone else’s kitchen for a change and share information.

We are comparing our experiences with SEO agencies to try and see where the brand/blogger relationship is heading, batting about ideas for content, and of course commiserating on the inevitable frustrations and setbacks.

What do you do to keep in touch and top up on inspiration? Have you come up with any cunning ways to avoid isolation working from home, apart from the usual networking and business events?

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*Next week is #WfHTechWeek on the blog – there will be lots of tips on getting the best from your home office technology and a chance to win a cheeky monkey USB.

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  1. Great example of using Skype to stay in touch, reduce the isolation and motivate one another. I also like Skype but it does not allow screen sharing or more than one person on a call unless you pay, however Google Hangouts will allow both for free.
    I’ve only recently found this out and have started using Hangouts for virtual meetings, very happy using it and more importantly its simple, like Skype.
    Because of time I do less networking and face to face meetings so like many have to prioritise and move most of it to virtual meetings.
    Your site and community helps Judy, don’t forget!

    • Thanks for the tip, Maria, I haven’t tried using Skype to speak to more than one person, so I didn’t realise I’d have to pay! And I’d like to think the blog helps people to feel connected 🙂