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3 places for online inspiration

3 places for online inspiration - Shore Cottage StudioAs you know, I find magazines are a great source of ideas for content.

So is the internet, of course, and particularly blogs, which I like to browse if I need a short break and a shot of online inspiration without leaving my desk.

Where I’ve recently found online inspiration:

1. A tweet from Laura of Shore Cottage Studio (pictured above) drew my attention to their blog, which featured WfHW in connection with the recent George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces programme. I was very taken with their theme of 3 Things.

I’ve already done a few posts listing 3 freebies or 3 good people for home workers to know about. I like 3, it’s a good number. Things grouped in 3s look stylish, and 3 points are enough to make you feel you’re getting a choice of good information (I hope!) but not too much to take in. I can’t be the only one to glaze over at posts with titles like 20 Ways to Do X, Y and Z?

I like to pick up other people’s ideas whenever they appeal, but I also believe in giving credit where it’s due, so I asked Laura at Shore Cottage if I could borrow her idea. ‘Certainly please do pinch the idea’, was her reply. ‘We find the Three Things concept focuses us just enough without being too restrictive.’ Well put.

2. Like many internet surfers I enjoy a browse for the fittings and furnishings for my fantasy house, and Pale and Interesting fits into that category nicely. It sells vintage furniture and accessories you could use all over the house or just in your home office, and if the price tag’s a bit steep there’s still plenty of online inspiration you can take away and adapt.

3. If you don’t have the budget or the inclination to shop till you drop, take a look at A Beach Cottage. Blogger Sarah emigrated to Australia with her family several years ago and blogs about transforming a ‘tatty old cottage’ into a white and airy haven. But one that can withstand the onslaught of three growing children and a dog.

When you have stopped weeping at the sight of hot blue skies, and gnashing your teeth as she talks about Christmas shopping trips in shorts, take a look at her makeover of a much-loved Ikea desk by covering the top with oilcloth. Sarah has all sorts of tips to rejuvenate old furniture quickly and cheaply, and some simple but very effective ways with Christmas decorations.

I’m sure there will be some more 3 Things posts in future, so do tell me about your own blog and send me your suggestions for those where you get your online inspiration.

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