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3 quality free resources for home business

3 good home business freebies

Free resources for home businessWe’ve all been watching the pennies for several years now, and become extra discerning before investing in anything to help or grow our home business.

But even though we may think hard before spending, offers of free reports and guides to this, that and the other are so old hat. And usually just an excuse to grab our email addresses and shower us with spammy emails.

So it’s good to find some high quality, free information out there in amongst the dross. The following are all experts in their own fields, have their own enthusiastic followings and provide a small amount of free expertise ideal for home business owners. So you can get to know what they do before deciding to take it further and open your wallets!

1. Francesca Geens of Digital Dragonfly – only works with freelance business owners. She helps consultants and independent professionals from all sectors get the best possible IT setup to run their business.

Francesca’s guest posts are always popular here on WfHW and on social media, and provide up-to-date, insider advice in non-geek speak on a topic that terrifies many home business owners.

The Ultimate Guide To Technology For Independent Professionals is a free 45 page guide you can read on Francesca’s website or download as a PDF. It includes a chapter on the hardware, software and apps she uses herself on a day-to-day basis. (WfHW readers can also see what she carries in her bag on a day away from the office!)

2. Corrina Gordon-Barnes of You Inspire Me – teaches marketing to solo (often home) business owners and is passionate about good people making good money doing what they most love.

Corrina has an active community that participates in her blog and meets every couple of months for a meet-up with speed networking.

She has a whole page of free stuff on her website, including an audio class Where to Start with Getting Clients, and videos on tricky topics such as whether you should ever work for free and when to raise your prices. She also provides links to her guest posts for other sites, including 3 Ways to Handle ‘Do You Do Discounts?’ on WfHW.

3. Julie Hall of Women Unlimited – is well-known for her excellent events, online training courses and annual London conference, now in its sixth year.

Her latest achievement is the founding of Women Unlimited Business Clubs across the UK.

From Julie’s site you can access the weekly Micro Entrepreneur Hangout Podcast, currently eight in number, that invariably feature experts chatting to Julie about the essentials of their trade. And I’m not saying that just because I was part of the first-ever Hangout on home working!

I hope you get plenty of value from these top class freebies for home business. And do let me know if you’ve come across any other free resources you think our readers would benefit from.

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