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Working at Home Ideas, November

Our latest batch of Working at Home Ideas is out today

Spud, Working at Home Ideas, NovEach month we put together a clutch of the best working at home ideas to send straight to the inbox of our subscribers. If you’d like a copy, just sign up in the box down to the right in the middle column and you’ll get the next issue in December. Meanwhile, here’s what’s headlining this month:

Many home workers feel they ought to get out and publicise their business but don’t enjoy networking. I certainly didn’t, until I happened to find an event I actually enjoy and get results from. Find out what it is and pick up some invaluable networking tips for introverts in Do you dread networking?

Animal companions improve the quality of many a home worker’s life and occasionally we explore their own take on their responsibilities. Through his rather overworked human PA Spud the pure white cat offers a selection of tips for success for home working cats everywhere. From teamwork to dining, Spud generously shares his considerable experience.

Although I plan the blog schedule up to a couple of weeks in advance, sometimes a post comes out of nowhere. Sometimes it’s a news item but Bloggers beware! was written to let off steam when I received an email from an SEO agency asking me to flout both Google guidelines and the law. Find out why you should be careful of such offers.

We’re all operating in a harsh economic climate, and small business owners are understandably wary about spending on products or services unless they are convinced they will get good value. One way to try out a company’s offering is to take a look at their freebies, but you can waste a lot of time filtering out the dross. To save you effort we’ve identified 3 experts who provide top quality free information.

Enjoy our latest working at home ideas, and as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to contribute a guest post or take part in one of our series such as What’s in Your Bag? and My Day in Snacks.

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