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How to make the garden office super cosy for winter

Garden Office Week – tips from Green Studios for staying warm in the garden office

Make the garden office super cosy for winter - Green StudiosAfter a long, hot summer home workers are starting to add layers to stay warm at the desk. This sponsored post from Green Studios suggests some high tech and traditional ways to keep warm in the garden office over the winter, whether you already have one or are looking to buy:

It’s that time of year where you start to debate whether the heating goes on at home – if you make the switch it really means that summer’s over doesn’t it? What about the garden office – do you dread the winter months being cold, shivering at your desk? Here are our top tips on creating the best contemporary garden room to be perfect all year round.

Let’s start with what you need to know before you invest in a garden room – after all, if you get the foundations right at the start, you’re onto a winner!

There are many products out there to choose from yet standards will vary. Consider your budget carefully – you may end up investing in a glorified shed which really won’t keep you cosy no matter what you do. There are three key things to consider:

1. Windows and doors – make sure these have high energy ratings. An A-rated window and door are designed to keep you warmer than a standard specification so will automatically increase the cosy-factor.

2. Panel materials – check what is used for the panels. At Green Studios we use SIPS panels. Unlike wooden shed panels, these provide insulation to the latest housing regulation standards so it really is like ‘home from home’.

3. Air-tightness
– here’s the science bit! Ask about air-tightness. We’ve proven our structures to be air-tight (i.e. once you’ve heated your room, less warm air escapes). In fact they are even better than the ‘dwelling house’ standard set by Building Regulations. This means you keep the warmth in when it’s winter saving you money on your energy bills.

So what can you do if you’ve already got a garden office and are feeling the chill?

1. Smart phone technology – rather than run to the garden office to switch on the lights and heating, then run back to wait for it to warm up an hour later, you can turn on your heating and lights from the comfort of your home using your smart phone – easy!

2. Under-floor heating – it maybe a little more costly, but you could install a carbon-foil electric under-floor heating system to warm your feet and room!

3. Budget alternatives – you can always make the garden office cosier by soft furnishings. Make sure that your colours are warm (reds, oranges etc), treat yourself to new lighting that gives a glow rather than a stark light. Add some throws, cushions and rugs to add warmth to the room.

4. We also know from experience that thermal wellingtons are great for the winter walk to the office across the lawn (especially when it snows!), plus a hot cuppa to keep you going throughout the day!

Whatever stage you are at with your garden office, we hope that you are cosy in the winter and love where you work!

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  1. Interesting article, hopefully winter won’t be to cold so can keep the heating bills down.

    • I hope that every autumn, Rich, and usually my hopes are dashed. This year we are already well-stocked with excellent firewood, so maybe we’ll ward off the worst weather!

  2. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Judy,

    All good options, none I need to think about now living in Southern India…heat index 115 F each day 😉