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Location independent home working Part 2

Home working on the move –

Work from Home Wisdom - location independent home workingLast week Phil Byrne told us how he has experienced home working in six different countries since leaving for a three month trip to Buenos Aires in 2010. Today he talks about some of the drawbacks of location independent life and the concept of home when you’re on the move:

Phil, are there any drawbacks to your mobile home working lifestyle?
Absolutely. There are always more administrational things to consider, such as visas, tax regulations, currency conversions and a whole load of other admin that tends to land at your door unexpected.
Nowhere is perfect, this means that in every country you live in you encounter its difficulties sooner or later. Not being a native means that you are less aware of them until they happen.
We have been robbed at gunpoint, burgled, ripped off and subjected to all kinds of difficult questions by customs, locals, police and government agencies along the way.
This can get us down and feeling a little tired of being an expat/outsider. But so far, such things are usually followed by something wonderful that comes from the same place/country.

What are your ambitions?
I have two big ambitions right now. The first is to grow into epublishing. I’ve just released my first ebook in the last few weeks and want to follow this up with more ebooks aimed at helping people become more location independent in their worklife.
I’d also like to ultimately evolve into fiction and try my hand at marketing a really good novel someday.
My second ambition is to move away from traditional ‘online marketing services’ to a more educational consultancy style service that ‘educates’ clients to do things for themselves.
I want people to be aware of how the web can help them start/run/market their business in ways that are constantly expanding and growing.
I believe people will make better business decisions understanding what words like ‘remote working’, ‘seo’, ‘adwords’, ‘social media’ actually mean and involve.

Is it true that in the 21st century home is where the laptop is?
That’s a good question. I still believe that ‘home is where the heart is’. The laptop however has become a very integral part of our home life and is probably very high up on most people’s lists of ‘home comforts’.
For me, I can admit to loving my laptop as it allows me to live a wonderful mobile home working life! Home however, well that’s still a combination of place, people and memories. For my wife and I, we’re lucky enough to have more than one place that feels like home and long may that continue.

Phil Byrne authors, a blog dedicated to helping everyone create a more location independent lifestyle. His first ebook entitled ‘Head In The Clouds: The Location Independent Office’ is available on the blog and on Amazon Kindle.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Hi Phil, Sounds to me like that first decision about BA was totally logical. I admire your ability to actually move places and do the admin to settle there. I cannot even imagine that – taking a flight and organizing a car is what I have attempted so far. And I consider part of the definition of ‘home’ to be where my iMac is – I take my laptop but it’s not the same working on the small laptop as it is on my magnificent big machine. (Imagine me trudging around with my desktop in a big box, explaining to the airline checkin person that “Of COURSE this is carry-on!!”)

  2. Phil says:

    Thanks for your comments Carrie, great to hear you’re starting to make your own plans! I think we all start such an adventure slowly, then as we get used to the new lifestyle, we stride forward with more confidence. Best of luck in your own adventures with your iMac!

  3. Phil says:

    Hi Judy, this last year we’ve been in Ireland and Spain. However, my wife has just finished her PHd (submitted this month) and with most of her opportunities focused within the UK, it may well bring us home soon!

  4. Carrie says:

    Hey Phil, How in the world does one get a PhD while living in six different countries? That boggles the mind!

  5. Phil says:

    Hi Carrie, it’s been both inspiring and challenging for both of us!

  6. Carrie says:

    Should I read into that “it was a nightmare and if we had known what we know now….” or something like that?

  7. Phil says:

    You know sometimes it was challenging, but I wouldn’t change the last 5 years for anything. Living in so many different places and cultures has changed us both, mostly for the better! I feel truly “international” and that influences my life is so many positive ways each day. Carrie, if you can take that leap and take your life somewhere new, it would make me smile from ear to ear. It’s an amazing thing to do. Somewhere, out there, in the middle of all the “newness”, you find a new you too. If you need any help in whatever adventure lies ahead for you, please ask. I’d be delighted to help if I can 😉

  8. Carrie says:

    You are just wonderful. Thank you for the offer and for sharing your happiness with the wide world experience. I actually grew up in the Middle East, moved 7 times after that until I was in university – and have lived in 8 European countries as an international executive. I get restless living in one place too long. But not having ‘home’ with me …I don’t know.

  9. Phil says:

    Hi Carrie, wow – quote a life you have lived! You must have some wonderful experiences and tips of your own to share? As for “home” and what that is, might be a whole blog/full website, in itself!

  10. Carrie says:

    Hi Phil – let’s collaborate on a story of what ‘home’ is, where it is, how it comes to be that way, and how to do without it (or take it with you, as you do)! We probably should not clutter up Judy’s blog though 😉

  11. Phil says:

    Carrie, would love too, that’s a great idea. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts. Have a fine eve!

    • Oh, but please keep me informed, I’m intrigued by that idea. We’ve had four moves in recent years, only one of which was chosen, so my idea of what home is has been shaken. For the better, I think, though I wouldn’t have said that at the time!