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September Working from Home Ideas is out

Our monthly batch of working from home ideas

Sept Working from Home IdeasWhere does the time go? I’ve just managed to squeeze our September Working from Home Ideas & Tips into the last day of the month! Here’s the round-up of what you can read this month:

Make sure you have plenty of tissues to hand when you read about Annette Morris’s experience of dealing with the loss of her pet Weimaraner, Nibs. Plenty of other people have also had to deal with the death of a pet and faithful friend, and I was mopping up like mad as the comments came in! I’m glad to say there are also happy endings to your stories!

People often ask me for working from home ideas and how to find a job they can do at home. I always advise extreme caution when searching for a job online, as it’s a well-known area for scams. FlexJobs is an award-winning site that lists legitimate jobs and they provide some valuable advice on how to spot and stay away from home working job scams.

Garden Office Week was a hit in the spring, and is back from 14 to 18 October. We’d love to feature your garden rooms, sheds, barns, outbuildings, converted garages and any other places where you work in the garden. Please get in touch if you’d like to share a photo and short description of your garden office on the galleries, some of our most-visited pages.

My article on avoiding isolation when you work from home was published by The Guardian Small Business Network this week. Lots of people have been asking me how I managed to get into the national press, and I explain how you too can get some great PR for your small business.

Keeping in touch when you’re travelling on business is a constant concern. Alan Williams often goes abroad and stays in hotels for work and has shared his hard-earned tips for staying powered up and connected without spending a fortune.

So that’s it for September working from home ideas. See you in October.

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