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Who does this workspace belong to?

Workspace 2 of the Through the Home Office Keyhole series

Mystery workspace 2 - Through the Home Office KeyholeWe revealed the identity of our first mystery home worker as Sophia Moseley, a freelance copywriter whose workspace is the kitchen table.

Quite a few people guessed her job was something to do with writing, editing or translating, and she felt maybe she’d made it too easy for you! So today’s mystery home worker has deliberately made their photo a bit more obscure. (It might help to click on the photo to see it full-size).

Now let’s see, this looks like a character property judging by the rough-hewn walls. The ship in full sail might indicate a flair for design. There’s obviously quite a bit of admin involved, and appearances must be important if an iron is being used. What’s that on the shelves, or maybe it’s just part of the ‘home’ bit of a home office…

Any idea what kind of home worker works here? Tell us what you deduce in the comments below, and later this week we’ll reveal who our mystery workspace belongs to.

PS: All is revealed! Click here to find out who works in this space and a chance to look through the keyhole at their daily routine.

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12 Comments on "Who does this workspace belong to?"

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  1. Alan says:

    I’m going for either dressmaker or hotelier, not sure which but if I had to be drawn I’d say dressmaker.

  2. Rosie Smart says:

    I think it’s someone who runs a firm dealing in letting holiday cottages 🙂

  3. Yep, I was thinking holiday cottages or B&B too :-)?

  4. Sophia Moseley says:

    I enlarged the picture & am going on a hunch here – maybe something in the therapist line, either chiropractor or massage?

  5. Tony Nguyen says:

    Well, this for sure relates to cloths. It can be online designer or cloth maker following the online orders ?

  6. It has been great fun to read all of your guesses this week ooh and not being able to say a word!! Thanks all hope you all enjoyed the fun! Aromatherapists was a nice guess Sophia Mosely – the soaps in the picture are hand made in Penzance – and yes I love the textures of lovely fabrics but can’t sew I’m afraid ( well not much!) Warm wishes Christine @Ednovean Farm

  7. The soaps Christine mentions are in the white box on the shelves labelled JB. They are in all the bathrooms at Ednovean and no doubt often taken home by guests!