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Through the home office keyhole – freelance copywriter

Freelance copywriter revealed as our mystery home worker

Through the home office keyhole - freelance copywriter Sophia MoseleyLast Thursday we published the first in our new series Through the Home Office Keyhole, which was inspired by a conversation on Twitter. Here the home worker who gave me the idea reveals who she is and shares her kitchen table routine as a home working freelance copywriter:

My name is Sophia Moseley and I am a freelance Copywriter working on all kinds of projects from website content to press releases and feature articles to blog posts. I also write children’s stories. Additionally I run Creative Writing Workshops and Blogging sessions.

With my low-tech kitchen table and being surrounded by the off-shoots of family life, my workstation is a far cry from my pre-children days (I was a claims manager for an insurance company based in Docklands).

But homeworking means I can do a job I adore and be paid plus be here for my family.

My workspace and daily routine have an established pattern; all my ‘active’ equipment is to my right (I suppose that comes from being right handed) including two dictionaries, a Thesaurus, pens, notepads, telephone and of course a never ending cup of tea! To my left my work schedule, diary and miscellaneous correspondence. Then in the middle is the ubiquitous laptop!

My first job of the day is to check my email, being a freelancer this is my lifeblood so I never ignore it! Then there’s Twitter which is not just for a bit of banter; I have secured new clients and assignments as well as making new friends! After that I check my WordPress blog to remove the spam, tedious but essential to keep the blog healthy!

I check my work schedule frequently for editor and client deadlines refreshing it at least once a week as priorities change and it’s easy for a deadline to creep up on me!

One disadvantage of being freelance is the level of work can fluctuate, but at quieter moments I concentrate on my work-in-progress projects and that list keeps growing!

School holidays can be a bit challenging, but my sons understand I have to commit time to my work and they usually manage to occupy themselves for the odd hour!

One day I will have a real office where I don’t have to clear everything away at the end of each day, but until then my home-workstation cum kitchen table works just as well!

Find out more about Sophia’s freelance copywriter services and children’s books at

Everyone who guessed at the role of the mystery home worker in the comments and on social media was broadly correct, mentioning editor, author, publisher, translator and other wordy pursuits! Our guest blogger brand strategist Greg Dillon actually said copywriter – well done, Greg!

Sophia thinks she made it a bit too easy. Would you like to be the next mystery guest on Through the Home Office Keyhole, providing a few clues about your occupation? We need a short video – Instagram or Vine – for the initial post, and then a photo of you in your workspace and a description of your home working life for the follow-up.

Many thanks to Sophia for the inspiration and getting us going with a look at her life as a freelance copywriter. We’re looking forward to our next chance to peer Through the Home Office Keyhole!

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