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Home workers on social media

Home workers on social media - Katy Duke's workspaceToday I’m once again putting my magazine reading to good use by shamelessly copying a feature idea (see A home working day in snacks for another instance). I often get lots of feedback to a blog post from home workers on social media, so when I spotted Coast Magazine’s little feature at the end of the mag quoting readers’ social media comments, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before.

Here are a couple of recent topics that have generated lots of chat from home workers on social media. I had a very supportive response to my post about being attacked by a troll and a sober reminder that this could happen to anyone who has an online presence or puts their ideas out into the public arena.

Comments from home workers on social media


Eleanor Christine Jewellery – Great article Judy. It is so hard to not take things personally – I had a couple of horribly abusive messages in response to an advert on Facebook. They made me reel and I felt that my work was rubbish, and why was I bothering. A sane mind knows that the issue is almost entirely with the abusive person, but it takes such strength to let it bounce off you!

Virginia Small – I was also attacked by a troll so I know how you feel. I read the comment and the responses. I’m glad someone came to your defense. The response of the troll just tells you what a “twit” they really are.

Lynn Moorhouse – So pleased you wrote about it and a reminder to me what I could expect when my book is published (there are one or two things in it that some people may not like because of their prejudices!).

Comments on the blog

Rosie Smart – I for one loved your book and found it extremely helpful and your website & tweets are a daily indulgence.

Irina Gray – That is one major reason why I am still wondering whether to open a shop for my products on Amazon – anyone can say literally anything they want without having to substantiate it.

And a more lighthearted discussion about keeping cool in the hot weather on Twitter:

@KatyDuke – Oh go on then, just for you @judyheminsley #whataplacetowork! I’m so lucky to work from home 🙂 (Tweeted with a photo of her lovely green outdoor workspace – see above).

@SheenaRussell – My outdoor office – it’s a table previously used at a beer fest in Germany and found at a flea market!
Check out Sheena’s beer fest table in use as a home office

@jesschivers – It’s a challenge! My office is north facing so relatively cool. July/Aug always feels like rest time though #studentdays

@Malvernmeet – I don’t understand why it’s easy to fall asleep in the day when it’s hot but impossible to sleep at night when it’s cooler!

@santhiegoundar – How you coping with this heat? I had to decamp to an outdoor cafe on Leicester Sq to work

Looking forward to lots more conversation with home workers on social media, and another round-up in a few weeks time.

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  1. Haha! It is true, though, Judy: how are you coping with the heat? Yesterday in particular was a nightmare: 33°C in London! It was awful – my one saving grace is that I WASN’T working from home that day! 🙂

    • To be honest, Santhie, I don’t like the heat. A herbal practitioner once told me my personal thermostat is set very high so that a small amount of additional heat is too much! My fingers stick to the keyboard and my brain slows down. I was in London a couple of weeks ago and glad to get home to the relative cool of the country. How people survive the rush hour in the Tube I don’t know. And no sign here yet of the promised rain I keep hearing about in other people’s tweets. Stay cool!

  2. Guilford Man says:

    May it is due to work 🙂 some people really find it hard to sleep at night but in my case, i can sleep in day and night 🙂