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A home working day in snacks

Home working day - Candace KendallSpeaking from my own personal experience a home working day revolves around the making of drinks and snacks and finally ends with the preparation of the evening meal.

So I was interested to see a feature ‘My day in cups of tea’ in the copy of The Simple Things magazine I bought recently. The guest in the current edition is Sophie Cornish of Not On The High Street, a confirmed drinker of tea in a mug.

On the basis that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, here’s my own version –

A home working day in snacks

I get up much earlier in the summer, woken by the light and the birds, who start chirping madly about 4 am. Summer means better habits all round – it’s so much easier to drink plenty of water when it’s warmer and I take a glass of filtered to my desk and switch on the computer. My home working day has started.

Coffee time is any time between about 10 and 12, depending on how absorbed I am and how hungry. I’ve tried a few different coffee makers for our reviews but always revert to the cafetiere if A’s here and the filter just for me. I like it strong and very hot, so always hope the phone won’t ring just as I’m about to take that first sip. And of course there’s always some toast or a bagel.

Lunchtime might follow straightaway or can be as late as 3 pm. We’re back on intermittent fasting to try and shift the extra weight gained over a long, miserable winter, so today it’s likely to be fruit, but otherwise I do love an occasional bacon sandwich or soup on a cold day.

By late afternoon we’re usually ready for a cuppa. Some days we incorporate a coffee shop visit into our afternoon breath of air and food shopping trip. A home working day means we can catch the bargains when supermarkets make reductions!

My home working day winds down at about 6 to 7 and I start thinking about dinner. We make simple tomato and vegetable sauces or dahl to eat with brown rice on the fasting days, and there’s usually enough left for a third meal. I love it when I only have to take stuff out of the fridge and heat it up. A is the cook in this household.

What does your home working day revolve around? Are you a tea or coffee drinker? What are your favourite snacks?

If you’d like to acquire healthier habits than mine, have a look at Saskia Fraser’s excellent post Healthy eating for energy, clarity and motivation in your business.

Photo credit: Candace Kendall, home working lawyer with a line in perfectly styled snacks.

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  1. Sharon says:

    You’re an early bird Judy.

    I am currently having fruit for breakfast and drinking Ribena (I don’t like plain water) in a bid to step away from the coffee and hot cross buns. There may, or may not, be some biscuits in my office too 🙂

    As the weather has improved I am having a sandwich – with salad too – for lunch, although lunch tends to get quite late sometimes.

    Once the children come home at 4pm I can hear them rooting around in the fridge and cupboards before the plaintive cry “what’s for tea” echoes around the house. That’s generally the signal for me to stop work and feed the poor darlings before child services come round to question me.

    • Oops, did I give the impression I’m up with the birds at 4 am? Nooooooo 🙂 I sometimes wake up and listen to them but happily go back to sleep safe in the knowledge there’s plenty of dozing time left.
      But it’s so nice to have warm, light weather at last and actually want to get out of bed. In the winter I would crawl out after 9, wanting to stay there all day.

  2. Great post Judy. I like these style posts.

    Given I’m a bit of a gym freak my diet is really clean and mostly food with nutritional value.

    6am: Wake up, grab a coffee (black) and oats with water for breakfast.

    8am: second coffee of the day with plenty of water in between.

    9am: three eggs scrambled (no milk or butter) with four cooked cherry tomatoes.

    10:15: protein shake

    10:30: Gym

    12: protein shake

    1pm: Piece of white meat or fish with vegetables.

    2pm: Green tea

    3pm: green and mint tea.

    5pm: boiled egg.

    7pm: Turn off the laptop and begin making dinner.

    7:45pm: salmon, broccoli and green beans or similar

    8:45pm: mixed berries with quark

    10pm: Bed

    That’s my typical diet 5-6 days a week and it maintains a healthy lifestyle. I don’t tend to snack and when I do I eat something which will benefit me like a protein shake or a boiled egg.

    More of these great posts Judy!


  3. Here goes!

    Today, awake at my alarm at 8.30am, which was appreciated as I was dreaming about having been cut by a deadly poisonous leech as I was getting it into a box underwater.

    A bit of email and twitter, then breakfast – 2 slices of home made toast made with flour I bought from Redbournbury Watermill last weekend, with butter and peanut butter, and a cuppa (in my home mug because I am feeling delicate this week).

    Then it’s marketing, writing, working on my downloads until lunchtime. (Hmmm, must include another cuppa and a gingersnap in there, and I have some washing on).

    Lunch will probably be cucumber, pea shoots, and a pate sandwich, followed by Greek yoghurt and cinnamon. Lots of water throughout the day of course, or else I get very crochety.

    Afternoon, the rest of my to-do list and a walk in the wood and possibly a cuppa in my local greasy spoon (run by a Turkish fella who keeps it super clean and is all smiles).

    Finish work by 5pm I hope as I was up watching a legal webinar last night (hence the dreams I imagine. Nothing like mention of fines you might incur to make one break out into a cold sweat!)

    I’m hoping my pet office lemon grass is going to make an appearance at lunch before the summer is out 🙂

    • Thanks, Rosie, that’s pretty healthy home working day too. But I want to know what happens when you’re baking brownies for customers – do you give them all away or help yourself to a sneaky bite now and then? 🙂

  4. I check every batch. I cut the edges off as they don’t look as nice, and that’s what I test. The rest of the edges are put into a bag and thrown in the freezer.