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Unusual home working jobs – the lawyer

Home working but different.

Work from Home Wisdom - unusual home working jobs, Candace KendallI know there’s nothing unusual about being a lawyer, but a home working lawyer? That seemed different enough to warrant a chat with Candace Kendall:

I don’t think I’ve ever met another home working lawyer – are you in a small minority?

Until recently that may have been true, but there are more and more people providing a range of legal services through non-traditional methods. We offer an external in-house legal service, on a part-time basis, to businesses that need ongoing support with their commercial activities but are not in a position to engage a full time counsel.

Are there any challenges to home working in one of the traditional professions?
When I moved to Frome with my husband and daughter in 2007, we found a house which already had a converted garage office space, so keeping family life and work time separate is luckily not an issue.
I’ve been used to home working and interacting with clients remotely, from previous jobs, but I do sometimes miss being part of larger team. It could get lonely, but this is where having a strong network is invaluable.
When I first started up Taylor Kendall, I got myself out and about to local networking events and it took a very short time to feel part of the friendly local business community. I go to the Frome Jelly when I can, which makes a nice change, and there is usually cake!

Where do you meet your clients?
For an initial meeting I travel to their office if needed (usually at my expense). After that, if they want to meet up, or want me to attend a negotiation for them, then we agree reasonable travel expenses on top of my time.
I have recently been converted by one current client to video calling over Skype which is great and I’m using it more and more. It does mean I have to make myself look presentable every day, though!

Have any of them ever expressed doubt about you not operating from a high street office?
No, not at all. I’m always happy to travel if needed but there seems to be less demand for face to face contact than there might have been some years ago. Another reason could be that our fees reflect the lower overheads that we have.

I have to ask this, as everyone will be wondering – do your rates reflect the fact you don’t have premises to maintain?
Yes, I think they do. I offer a competitively priced service, whilst not undervaluing the benefit that my experience and skill can bring to a client. Nobody likes spending money on legal advice, that’s a given, so of course I’m looking to keep costs down whilst still making a living. The truth is that sorting out your “legals” up front will save you money in the long term. Prospective clients who share that pragmatic view are my favourite people!

Is the law always a serious pursuit or do you manage to extract some humour from time to time?
Obviously I take my work seriously, but am always ready to have a joke and a laugh. I may have been known to have a peep at Facebook once or twice during the day and my friends’ funny comments and posts always make me smile. I do get told a lot “you’re not like a lawyer”, to which I say “what’s a lawyer supposed to be like?”!

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