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June Work from Home Ideas is out

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June Work from Home IdeasThe June edition of Work from Home Ideas went out this morning. Hard to believe we’re already halfway through the year, isn’t it?

In the newsletter this month we’re talking about the little breaks for coffee and snacks that are such a part of home working life you can measure a home worker’s day by them! Do you have a routine – coffee mid-morning, sandwich early afternoon, tea in the afternoon – that helps pace your day? Get in touch if you’d like to tell us about your home working day in snacks.

Speaking of food, Jelly has been a popular topic this month, since The Guardian Home Business Hub asked me to write an article on why Jelly is good for small businesses. If there’s not already a group near you, have a look at my How to Start Your Own Jelly guide to find out how straightforward it is to set up your own.

Do you dread being asked if you give discounts? It’s a common question in these recessionary times and one lots of us don’t have a good answer for. But don’t despair, Corrina Gordon-Barnes of You Inspire Me has some terrific advice on why and how you should stick to your price in 3 ways to handle ‘Do you do discounts?’

Lots of our readers now have a blog, either to promote their business, or to share an interest with likeminded people. And some are on the point of starting a blog but having difficulty taking the plunge. If that’s you, Planning your first blog post will help you get moving.

The world of blogging is ever-changing and sometimes it’s hard to keep up, as well as give attention to your business. So I’ve shared the current thoughts of the bloggers I’ve spoken to recently in Blogging like a pro.

One development is that Google plan to penalise blogs that publish ‘advertorials’ or paid content and don’t conform to its guidelines. In Sponsored posts we explain where we stand on this issue.

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