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National Work from Home Day

What are you doing on Work from Home Day?

National Work from Home DayToday is National Work from Home Day, when Work Wise UK promote the benefits of home working to employers.

Their guest blogger Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC, writes on their site today that ‘home working has been steadily growing, despite the UK’s long-running economic troubles’ but that ‘the rate of progress is still far too slow. There is still a huge unmet demand for home working and flexible working in this country.’

‘One problem,’ she says, ‘is that employers have, perhaps understandably in a time of economic crisis, taken their eyes off the development of flexible working/ home working ball.’ Most of the readers of WfHW are self-employed freelancers or running their own businesses, and I think we find it hard to understand why employers and managers struggle so much with an idea that seems obvious to us.

So celebrate your forward thinking today. Work from Home Day seems like an idea cake opportunity, but earlier this week Alison Matthews gave us some advice on staying healthy when working from home, so you might like to try some of her suggestions instead!

It seemed like the ideal day to send out May Work from Home Tips & Ideas, which showcases some of the most memorable additions to the blog over the last month, including the winner of the Garden Office Week competition’s glamorous shed and our new ‘I’ve been featured on Work from Home Wisdom’ button for contributors to the blog.

Home workers who like the radio on might be interested to know it’s Jeremy Vine’s birthday today. On this day in 1984 Prince Charles made his famous ‘monstrous carbuncle’ speech about the extension to the National Gallery. Those of you who look forward to Christmas can start to plan your lists in the knowledge that there are 228 days left till the end of the year. Let’s hope for the odd day of summer first!

Happy Work from Home Day, cake or no cake!

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