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I’ve been featured on Work from Home Wisdom

New button for contributors to Work from Home Wisdom

Work from Home Wisdom badgeFor me one of the toughest parts of my work from home life is that because I spend a lot of time in the same space, I lose perspective and end up not being able to see the wood for the trees. One of the symptoms of this is that I find that other people tend to come up with the best ideas for my business because they have that little bit more distance.

I’ve lost count of all the brilliant ideas A has come up with, and the most recent example was suggested by Katie Macdonald of Virtually Does It. Katie has featured on the blog a few times, including her interviews last year about starting to work from home, and she suggested it would be a good idea if we had a button that people who have been featured could put on their own sites.

What an excellent idea! Why didn’t I think of that? Ah, of course, I know why! So we got a button designed that says ‘I’ve been featured on Work from Home Wisdom’ and have sent it out to everyone who’s contributed a guest post, been interviewed, or sent in a photo for the Home Office gallery or Home Working Style pages.

Obviously it’s not going to be appropriate for everyone, but a few early adopters who are already displaying the button are Rebecca Harvey of Let Me Organise You (linking to Home Office Gallery 5), Sharon Jackson of Create Bubbles (product reviews) and Greg Dillon of Strat-Talking (Home Office Gallery 6). Katie’s site is currently being revamped so she’ll have to be patient a little longer!

Buttons – you have a choice of three sizes – will be sent to everyone who contributes to the site in some way. We hope you enjoy using them, and we’re always open to any other ideas, so if you’ve been wondering why we’re not doing something that seems obvious to you, let us know. It’s probably not that we think it’s a bad idea, just that because we work from home we’re too close to see it.

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