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4 great tips for business travel

Making business travel cheaper, easier and more relaxing

Wisdom - 4 tips for business travelA guest post to help you plan your business travel and get the most out of your trip:

Freelancing and working from home mean you can save money, energy and time on the daily commute. Skype and other VOIP systems mean you can often hold video and phone conferences rather than meet face-to-face. But sometimes, whether you’re a freelancer or working for a company, business travel is essential.

Conferences, events and client-facing meetings often have to be done in person. If you’re a freelancer, business travel costs can mount up and it’s always best to work out ways to save money every step of the way.

Scouting for cheap hotel rooms, train and plane tickets can all be done online. But here are some useful hints and tips to make business travel – however long your trip – less onerous, less expensive and less hassle.

1. Pack smart
– select your clothes carefully and make a list of exactly what you need (check out this post about taking stock of your work from home wardrobe). And then stick to it!

Wear the heaviest things you’re taking and store everything in a logical way. That way you can quickly check that you have everything you need. You can also potentially save costs on luggage costs when flying if you pack smart rather than taking everything and the kitchen sink!

2. Check gadgets, phones and laptops – make sure you take the correct chargers and plug adaptors (Apple lovers should definitely check out the brilliant PlugBug World that will keep you charged wherever you are).

These gadgets are most likely absolutely vital to your trip – after all, you can buy clothes at your destination if you really have to, but you can’t access that file you need for the meeting/presentation! Sites like will tell you the kinds of plugs and outlets you’ll need well in advance.

3. Arrange communication and internet access before you go – this is vital if you want to keep your costs down when business travel takes you overseas. Depending on where you’re going, internet access can be amazing or it can be appalling.

Even if you’re attending a conference that is likely to have some kind of WiFi available, it may not be reliable or secure. The most cost-effective way to ensure you have all the data you need is to get yourself a local prepaid SIM card before you even set off.

Check out for more details, but in a nutshell, these SIM cards will give you a local number and local rates for calls and texts. Plus most crucially, data, as well as free incoming calls and often heavily discounted international calls. For the initial outlay, it’s a great way to make sure you are never out of touch.

4. Eat and sleep! – particularly if you’re travelling a long way by plane. Keep away from heavy food and alcohol and sleep as much as you can if you’re on a night flight.

Try and get a window seat as this gives at least a little respite from being disturbed by your neighbours. Wear comfortable clothes for the flight and use the time to rest, relax and prepare for your meeting or conference.

Do you have any tried and tested business travel tips that other home workers could use? We’d be interested to hear.

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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Really good article! Very helpful as I’m going to be travelling around Japan for most of May.