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Work from home wardrobe – end of year audit

Take stock of your work from home wardrobe in December

by Samantha Clarke

Work from Home Wisdom - work from home wardrobe - Samantha ClarkeIt’s all very nice getting new jumpers and dresses for Christmas, or gift vouchers to hit the January sales with, but what is really important is to do an audit of your work from home wardrobe now and identify what you are missing, what works or what doesn’t.

Then you can say to your loved ones ‘here is my exact wish list’ or this is what I need to aim for in the January sale.

Below are quick ways to declutter your work from home wardrobe and make space for the newness that the New Year brings.

Asses your life this year and identify what might change next year. Define how much time you spend in particular types of clothes in each area of your life – home, work, leisure.

  • When was the last time you wore particular items in your wardrobe?
  • Where are the gaps? Have you got lots of home wear but struggle to find a good outfit to go out in?
  • Are you keeping items you ‘might wear in the future’ but over the past 12 months they haven’t seen the cold light of day?

Really take some time to look at the areas of your life your work from home wardrobe isn’t serving well. Re-address the balance to make a list of what you have and where the gaps are forming.

The health of your clothes
As we head towards Christmas, we generally feel a bit rundown, desperate for a break and time to reconnect with family and friends. Much like your clothes, certain items in your wardrobe need a break and some TLC. What particular items need some recuperation or perhaps even to be retired full stop?

  • What are certain items of clothing looking like? Is there lots of bobbling? Can you repair said items or is it time to let it go?
  • Does the colour look good or is it washed out? Can it be downgraded from an everyday top to something you might do the gardening in? This then creates space for you to replace it.

Clothing memories
Our clothes hold quite a few of our memories, some of which are good and some are bad. But you have to make a decision on whether this piece serves who YOU are today.

  • How do you feel when you put on a particular dress? Happy, sad, alive, alert, depressed? Make a note of anything that isn’t serving to bring out the best YOU possible.
  • Do you feel authentic in whatever you put on or is this item a reflection of where you were at a certain point in your life?

Emotional baggage in our clothes makes us feel heavy and prevents us from putting our best foot forward. Clear out the skeletons to feel lighter and freer immediately.

Samantha is the founder of Zukuri UnLtd and works with female entrepreneurs to get them visible in their business. By helping ladies ‘know their style, cut the clutter from their wardrobes and shop smarter’ they can increase their confidence to win more clients.

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