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Garden Office Week – a garden room from Homestead

What could you do with a garden room?

Work from Home Wisdom - garden room from HomesteadHomestead Timber Buildings bring Garden Office Week to a close with some thoughts on both saving money and creating your own unique garden room:

If you can’t afford the house move but you desperately need extra space why not consider a garden room? Think about all the stress created by selling and buying a property just for the sake of gaining an extra room.

Is it all worth it when you could have a specially designed room in your garden for a fraction of the cost, without any of the hassle of moving house?

A room which is lined, insulated, double glazed, which is heated when it’s cold and keeps you cool in the summer. When this option is available it definitely begs the question “Why bother moving?”

The benefits of a garden room are too many to mention and I’ve come across many unique reasons our clients have bought one of our buildings! One customer had her building on wheels so she can move her building to make the most of the sunlight.

We have had musicians, artists, yoga teachers, hairdressers, teachers, all working from home. One customer had his garden room laid across his stream so it ran beneath the building.

The templates of Homestead Timber Buildings are designed so that clients can make it their own, bespoke, building. Windows and doors can be placed wherever required or skylights added to enable as much light as possible should the client require it.

Some of our clients have had specially commissioned items added to the building to make it unique to them, such as verandas, ornate window surrounds and unusual colours. Even, in the case of Kirsty Allsopp, a custom letter ‘K’ on the roof!

Many people just want to escape the city and to work from home in a specifically designed, fully functional garden room. Others long to escape from the house to a garden building full of tranquillity and peace away from children, pets, partners and housework!

My own garden room is my personal gymnasium where I can exercise when I want to without paying a gym membership. But it could so easily be my games or hobby room, or just somewhere to watch what I want on TV.

The beauty of all of these buildings is that they add value to your property and if you move and you want to take it with you, you can. Don’t move, just improve and leave it all to us!

What would you use yours for?

Leave a comment on this post and you could win a copy of Shedworking by Alex Johnson, the ‘complete guide to relocating a business to the end of the garden’.

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  1. I think this is a brilliant idea! – but not just for the reasons you’ve given already.
    If the garden building up is set up with a solar panel (not via the still OTT overpriced MCS scheme – but just a single one bought direct from a supplier, producing 12V, plus a leisure battery and 12v light bulbs from, eg, OnSolar – and anyone who can wire a plug can (legally, truly!) install such a simple system) you can have a place that still works in the face of (as happens so often in some rural areas) power cuts.
    If you also have a small gas ring and (mouseproofed) stores to make hot drinks etc, you can even choose to retreat to your offgrid haven for as long as you like, instead of sitting in the dark at home waiting for the power to be restored.
    Nice one, eh?

    • I wonder if any canny home workers were set up like this during the recent heavy snow falls, Caroline. You might find your garden office getting a little crowded!