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Garden Office Week – working from home with The Garden Escape

Working from home naturally

Work from Home Wisdom - working from home with The Garden EscapeThe Garden Escape examines the benefits of using the natural environment when working from home:

Working from home has been on the rise and with more employees being offered the option to work away from the office, home owners are looking for new and innovative ways to create a workspace within their property.

One of the biggest problems many home workers face is being able to separate their work and home lives. Their office desk may also be the dining table, their work chair is also the sofa. Striking the balance between business and pleasure is essential for a healthy working from home lifestyle.

Home workers are on the hunt to find a space that is dedicated to their employment, a room that they can shut away at the end of the day and not think about until morning. For many, a new space to work might be in their very own back garden. With home owners struggling to find more room to grow indoors, taking an office outside is becoming a popular solution.

Working from home in a garden office not only provides the much-needed separation between a job and personal life but also gives home workers the benefits of a natural environment. It’s a peaceful space that feels far away from the chaos of commuting and the distractions of home life.

Working in a natural space can boost productivity and motivation for any employee. Being surrounded by a green, healthy environment can inspire home workers’ creativity and encourage them to think more naturally.

Incorporating large glass windows into the office provides a break in the monotony of staring at a computer. Looking out towards an inspirational view not only helps increase the attention span but also gives tired eyes a well-deserved break from the screen.

Moving an office into the garden also allows home owners to completely change the quality of the environment that they are working in. The benefits of flexible working mean that an office can be designed bespoke to an individual’s work style and home, one that grows and changes as a business does.

Drawing on natural influences leaves the days of dull, artificially lit offices behind and allows home workers to create a space that is vibrant, interesting and inspiring. Plenty of daylight and natural materials all contribute towards a relaxed and creative space.

When bringing the office home, many workers are concerned about the costs this will add to their expenses, particularly for energy bills. It’s important to have a comfortable working environment throughout the seasons, come rain or shine, so a well-designed garden office will use the latest technology and eco-friendly materials to ensure that the build is as warm and energy efficient as possible. Reducing energy overheads will bring down the costs of expenses and, in turn, help employees work towards a better income and lifestyle.

Making the move to a garden office can help home workers benefit from a natural environment. A flexible space that inspires and motivates can promote productivity and create a more distinct separation between home life and work, helping employees enjoy working from home, naturally.

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