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Working at home with a cat

Video - working at home with a cat

To ease into working at home in the seasonal between-time!

Following the interview earlier this week with Lily the kitten talking about working at home with San Sharma, I thought a bit more pet silliness would be right for this strange in-between time when nobody feels much like working.

If you have a feline companion when you’re working at home, I’m sure this door-opening scenario will be familiar, although hopefully less shattering:

There are plenty more Simon’s Cat cartoons on YouTube if your brain is refusing to cooperate despite your best intentions to do some work between Christmas and New Year!

Or you might enjoy these other videos loosely related to working at home!

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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    I have three cats and they certainly like to remind me that they are more important than anything I might be doing on my computer. I just tell them that if they don’t let me work then I’m not going to be able to feed them.