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Unusual home working jobs – Lily the home office kitten

Home working but different

Work from Home Wisdom - unusual home working jobs - LilyWhen I heard Lily had moved to an important new home working role with our friend and contributor San Sharma, I couldn’t wait to talk to her about progress:

Lovely to meet you, Lily, I’ve admired your photos online. Tell us how you’re settling in to your new home.
I’m settling into it very well, thanks Judy! It seems like a big place for a small kitty – I’ve barely scratched the surface. Well, I’ve scratched some surfaces…

I understand your humans are around quite a bit because sometimes they’re home working. Is this an advantage or an inconvenience?
It’s a bit of both really. I like the humans being around, but they don’t give me nearly enough attention. They’re both glued to their glowing screens, tapping away at buttons. I can’t tell what they’re looking at, but sometimes I walk over the buttons and stand in front of their screens. That gets their attention!

Some humans apparently try to occupy the home office chair for long periods at any time of day or night. Have you any suggestions for home working cats to overcome this annoying problem?
I’ve got really good at turning on the radio with my bum. I just climb on top of it and twizzle around a bit. It makes it louder – and makes the humans vacate their office chairs.

Do you have any special tactics for those times when humans unaccountably want to stop playing with you and type on the keyboard or speak to other humans on the phone?
See above: sit on keyboard, twizzle radio volume. Repeat.

What special skills do you bring to your important role of home working cat?
I’ve been told I’m a sight for sore eyes – and I think that’s literally true. Between keyboard sitting and radio twizzling, I get the humans up and out of their chairs and looking away from their screens. When they do, they give me a little stroke, which is good for me, but good for them too: It’s calming and it gives their eyes a little break from the screen.

What other projects are you working on?
The humans don’t know this yet, but I’m working on completely wearing down the coffee table legs. It’s a big job for a small kitty, but we’ll get there!

One of Lily’s home working humans is San Sharma, a writer and marketeer for tech and business products and publications,including our good friends WorkSnug and Enterprise Nation.

And the other is San’s wife Brook Morgan, who’s taking the MA Character Animation course at Central Saint Martins and is the digital marketeer for Feel Good Drinks.

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  1. San Sharma says:

    Lily! When did you do this interview? Obviously, learning some tricks of the trade from your human counterparts – and doing a bit of content marketing, eh? 🙂 Thanks Judy for sharing. Will reward Lily accordingly

  2. Kirsten says:

    Ha ha – I absolutely love this – particularly as I am new to home working and even more so because I am looking at getting a kitten (or maybe even 2!) in January.
    Many thanks.
    K x

  3. Chitra Lekha says:

    Really love this, happy new year!

  4. Anne says:

    Aw Lily, you’ve just made my day. Glad to hear you’re settling into your new home and running kitty paws round your owners.

  5. Sharon says:

    I have no idea how I missed this post. What a cutie-pie you are Lily. Make sure you keep your butler San in order.

  6. San Sharma says:

    Butler? Butler?! She has a very charmed life, Sharon 🙂