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Home offices outside the house

Home office extension, Emma Cossey

I’ve posted not one, but two new photos on the Home Office Gallery today, both outside the house. Maria Varallo has already told us about working from home with her husband Kris, and his garden office roof is now in full flower.

Emma Cossey moved last year to a house with an office extension already built on the garage – picture on the left – no doubt a feature that will be increasingly found in all types of property.

You can check them both out on the Home Office Gallery.

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  1. Lanee' says:

    I work from home and my desk faces a bulletin board and an empty wall. I found that when my desk had a view that I stared out the window all day.

  2. Oliver says:

    Likewise, it’s very easy to stare out of a pretty window full of wildlife. I find it better to be at 90 degrees to the window – this encourages me get up and wonder about occasionally to look at the view, plus reduces glare on / contrast with the computer screen!

    • That’s very disciplined of you, Oliver! Once when I was a business adviser working in an office (gasp!) I got a terrible stiff neck and couldn’t work out why, until I realised that in order to avoid having the desk between me and my clients, which seemed very unfriendly, I was sitting next to it and constantly turning my head 90 degrees to look at them. Had to rearrange the furniture.