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How to be featured on workfromhomewisdom.comYesterday I started a new series here called Unusual Home Working Jobs. The inspiration for this came when I was contacted by bookbinder Polly Bird, after Lynn Fotheringham of InsideOut garden buildings, who supplied Polly’s garden studio, suggested to her that I might be interested in hearing about Polly’s work.

This is exactly the way I envisaged the site working when I wrote the Hold the Home Working Front Page blog post in February. As well as a place to find information and share experiences, I’d like the site to enable home workers to find out what others do, have the opportunity to raise their profile, and make informed choices about buying and selling from each other.

I’d love to hear from you if you do an unusual job at home, and please pass this on if you know someone who does. If you’re chosen to be featured, I will provide you with questions to answer, I don’t expect you to write your own blog post, unless of course you’d like to! You will get a link to your site as well as lots of exposure the day the blog is published, and a place in the archives.

In that February post I promised to give away a copy of Become a Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestley to the first five people who send me some information about working from home that inspires a post. So a copy is on its way to Stuart Lambert of the forthcoming CoHub coworking space in Eastbourne, who sent me a press release about the first Jelly in Eastbourne, and of course to Polly.

So that leaves three copies available to home workers. Here are some examples of the kind of topic that makes a good post:

John Valentine, the founder of bizset networking who passed on some top tips for getting the best out of networking events. And Katie Mcdonald, who shared her thoughts and feelings about starting to work from home, and who will be back soon to tell us whether reality has matched up to expectations.

I’m always delighted to receive photos and descriptions of home offices, and of stylish home workers and the things that give you enjoyment during your home working day, for the Home Working Style pages. Not only will you get a link to your site, I know from the feedback that you’ll also provide help and inspiration to other people working from home or getting ready to. It doesn’t have to be anything grand – maybe how you achieved the best possible use of space, or a vase of flowers that perks you up when you’re flagging.

And I’d love to hear if you got some extra visitors to your site after being featured, if someone enquired about your services or became a client, or if you’ve found a useful new contact through the blog.

So do get in touch – I look forward to hearing some more interesting stories and seeing some inspiring photos. Not to mention getting rid of three books in my endless quest to keep my home office as minimal as possible 🙂

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