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Hold the home working front page

Hold the home working front pageThe other day I posted about the new paid-for blogging opportunities available on the site. Maybe you thought ‘I can’t afford to pay for PR’ or you’re servicing local clients and don’t think it’s worthwhile (though I’d question that on the basis of the argument below!)

You can still benefit from the popularity of the site by sending me information suitable for my readers. What do I mean? The recent post featuring Rosie Bray’s clever home working tips infographic is a good example. Rosie and I know each other through Twitter and she emailed me to ask if I’d be interested in using the infographic, which was inspired by her first year in business.

Through the wonderful and labyrinthine ways of social media, it was spotted on this site and has now been translated into Portuguese and featured on a Brazilian home working site! You might say ‘So what? That’s only any good if she gets some work out of it.’ But what if Anderson, who runs the site, follows someone in London who asks on Twitter for recommendations for a photographer? Or has friends living in London who want to record their children for posterity? Once you’re ‘out there’ you just never know where you’ll end up!

Last week I recommended a decluttering book on Facebook and Hollie Whittles commented that she had ordered a copy and is looking forward to giving both home and office a good old spring clearout. She’s agreed to send before and after photos and give us the lowdown on how she gets on.

And Katie Macdonald will soon not only be giving up employment and starting to work from home full-time, but also moving into the home office in her brand new house. I’m going to ask about her impressions and ambitions as she starts out on this exciting new phase of her life.

So that’s the sort of thing I’m after. Don’t think you could possibly have anything interesting to say? So many home workers say that, but I talk to you all the time and believe me, I know that’s far from true.

Why did you start working from home? Had any funny/strange/bad experiences lately related to home working, coworking or mobile working? What are your daily struggles and triumphs?

As encouragement, I’m giving away a copy of Daniel Priestley’s inspirational and readable book Become a Key Person of Influence to the first five people who send me some home working information that inspires a post. It was the book of choice at The BIG Jelly last year and is currently for sale on Amazon at £10.55 and with 32 five-star reviews. Your influence starts here!

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  1. Great article Judy! My copy of the book arrived yesterday so I am looking forward to starting the decluttering process. I’m an organised hoarder, I can find everything that I need but just have too much stuff, even for me, so when I saw your tweet I knew what I had to do!

    • Judy says:

      Glad it was good timing for you, Hollie. And also the right time of year with spring approaching. The only downside of being a longstanding declutterer is that I no longer have anything to get rid of, so have to enjoy it vicariously – looking forward to hearing about your progress 🙂

  2. Kay Heald says:

    Judy – great blog and you said ‘anything’, so here goes!

    I love the flexibility of being ‘home-based’ – who can say that they did their week’s worth of work, all the normal domestic things and, because they were based at home, managed to spend enough quality time with the family’s two new pet rabbits to get them to stop fighting, bond and become best friends!! The crazy world of home-working, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Judy says:

      Bunny bonding – another gem to add to your CV, Kay! And one of the many little services home workers can perform that help life become that bit more pleasant and smooth-running.

  3. VP says:

    How did I start working from home? I served quite a long ‘apprenticeship’ by starting my blog 4.5 years ago. I started the blog the same day I realised I wouldn’t be able to return to ‘normal’ work after taking a career break to look after family (mine and in-laws) who live 300 miles apart.

    Blogging was a fun hobby which kept me sane through some dark times. I never dreamt it would grow into a new career where I would be earning money.

    Last year I also worked on the census and realised in the process I could never be an employee again. Home working rules!

  4. Judy says:

    I love it when a new career appears unexpectedly! And it looks from your blog as though you write for lots of other blogs and magazines as well. But you have obviously kept at it consistently – I do believe we make our own luck, so well done.