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The garden office in spring

The seasons viewed from a garden office

The garden office in springHaving outlined what to look for in a garden office in winter, Charlie Dalton joins us again today to describe the joys of working in a garden office in spring:

Despite the weather, we are reliably informed that spring is here. This year, rather than merely undertaking a Spring Clean of your home office perhaps it is time to be looking beyond your home – and out into the garden.

A garden office offers you a comfortable, dedicated and separate home office space where interruptions are minimised and you can enjoy a working environment that has no compromise.

I’ve built many hundreds of garden offices over the years and I have never met an owner of a “proper” garden office who has regretted the move outdoors.

At this time of year the advantages of a garden office are even more manifest. Spring is such a lovely time of year, with your garden (no matter what size or condition) at its best. You are genuinely closer to nature, closer to peace and quiet with perhaps the occasional visit from a robin or squirrel.

As I sit here and write this I have a glorious pheasant humming away outside my garden office door, whilst a mummy blackbird gently sings sweet threats to all neighbouring blackbirds. In our back garden with my office doors thrown open I’m regularly visited by hedgehogs and woodpeckers, whilst the gentle thrumming of bees is a constant soundtrack to my office day.

Despite the proximity to Mother Nature, please do make sure you choose a garden office which offers you real and sustained comfort throughout the year. The British Summer can be scalding at times and the winter harsh and inhospitable.

So don’t be persuaded that a simple log cabin or shed will offer you real refuge when the benign days of spring are replaced with more exceptional weather.

Make sure you choose a purpose-built garden office with suitable security, proper double glazing and full insulation throughout. That way you can make sure your garden office remains a delight throughout the year.

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  1. Lee says:

    I had to smile I just read this post and looked at the forecast for the next weeks weather almost Easter and not a sign of spring on the horizon. At the moment I think the garden office will need doubly good insulation to keep the cold out.