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The garden office in winter

The garden office in winter - Smart Garden OfficesI’ve often wondered what it’s like to work out in a garden office in winter, and today Charlie Dalton gives us the lowdown:

When the weather turns nasty like today a “proper” garden office really shows its true value – believe me – this is the time of year to really relish escaping out into the garden to work. Firstly, you should forego thoughts of a cold, damp and draughty shed and thinking that you’ll be shivering whilst a Tilly lamp gently splutters in the corner.

Today, a modern, “designed for purpose” garden office offers a comfortable, warm and bright environment that simply shrugs away the wintery weather. Once inside your garden office you’ll be safe and snug ignoring the snow, wind and gales outside.

I recommend that you choose a dedicated manufacturer whose buildings are specified from scratch (for example you can see my range at There’s now a bewildering choice of suppliers but I suggest you do beware as a converted summerhouse, shed or log cabin just won’t cut the mustard….especially at this time of year.

Importantly, a purpose built garden office is fully insulated, double glazed, carpeted, cabled and should be professionally installed. Don’t worry, heating a (suitably specified) garden office will cost between £50-100 on your annual electricity bill.

You’ll gain all the advantages of space and separation to complete your work – free of distractions, interruptions and household chore guilt. And then at the end of the working day you get up from your desk, walk out, close the door and return home, leaving it all behind. Your journey may not be long – but the different “head space” is immeasurable.

However, it’s during the depth of the winter or height of the summer that a built for purpose garden office comes into its own. Your office will maintain a comfortable, ambient temperature with minimal electrical consumption. Here at Smart one of our mantras is “the only difference between a Smart office in the garden and an office in your home is … the view.”

Enjoyed this? Charlie also writes lyrically about the pleasures of working in a garden office in spring.

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  1. Kate Cave says:

    Oh I want one! I’ve bookmarked the site. I love to have a den, I always have done , it’s just like a posh den for grown ups. Will add that to my wish list …

    • Judy says:

      It’s a common home worker dream, Kate! So much so that by popular request I now tweet a #fantasygardenofficefriday to satisfy the craving! And there are lots on my Pinterest page

      • Kate Cave says:

        Great idea for tweeting. Love the pics on the Pinterest board. Btw, I got the garden office brochure through the post today so now I can drool at my leisure, and put the pictures on my vision board!