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Work from Home Wisdom LogoA month ago I told you about my plans for the site, starting with guest blogs, like the one about procrastination written by Kate Cave, the Karma Life Goddess. I’m delighted to say these plans are well under way and I’m currently preparing the site for its first display ads, which will appear on the Home Office Gallery. Check out Home Office gallery 1 to see an example of how the ads could appear.

The next phase is to reorganise the extensive content on the site into a format that’s more accessible and more easily searchable. Then more advertising opportunities will be made available for goods and services directly relevant to the information on the pages.

As I’ve said before, these changes won’t affect the quality of the information on the site, or your experience of it. In fact my aim is to generate more interaction between my readers, who provide a huge range of products and services, and to benefit them by providing a platform where they can both make more information available about themselves and learn more about others.

I’ve set the rates for guest blogs and adverts to be within the range of small and home businesses, so do get in touch if you’d like me to send you an information pack. This is a great opportunity not only to attract some potential customers, but also to broaden your contacts. Who knows what possibilities it might open up?

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