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Flower vases for your home office

Flower vases for the home office

Neat flower vases to sit on your desk

We probably all spend too much time sitting down working at our computers.

As well as making a point of getting up and moving about a bit more, it’s nice to bring some of the natural world to your desk.

I discovered this little Consilium vase at a trade fair recently.

It’s designed by Eva Levin of Scandinaviaform in Sweden, and like so much Nordic design is beautifully simple.

It’s a conical piece of porcelain with a copper tube held in place by a removable cork, and measures just 7 cm wide by about 7 cm high. ‘I wanted the vase to hold the flowers as they grow in nature,’ says Eva. ‘To simplify and at the same time enhance.’

That’s exactly what she’s achieved. A single stem is brought into beautiful detail that you just don’t appreciate in a larger bunch. And on a practical note I feel confident the water isn’t going to spill on my computer!

I’d like to collect more of the seven colours of Consilium vases to group together and as Eva suggests, ‘create my own meadow’. She also makes a similar spherical glass vase with cork and copper tube, called the Glasilium, which comes in five colours.

Here are some more flower vases I’ve chosen that won’t take up too much room on your desk, and will help keep both your workspace and your brain fresh. The one that looks vaguely obscene is for you keen photographers 😉

Click on each to see size, price etc.

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