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She Shed Week – the luxury She Shed

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Luxury She Shed - The Garden Room GuideAre you looking to create a room of your own at the bottom of the garden?

A space that you can retreat to, to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

Well, you deserve a luxury She Shed!

We know that many people looking to create a She Shed will go to the local DIY store and buy a shed or summerhouse building, give it a coat of paint and add soft furnishings.

This is certainly one way of approaching the task of creating a She Shed, and we have seen some lovely examples of this type of buildings. The problem is that this type of building has a short season of use, and lifespan.

This is because sheds and summerhouses are not designed for use as furnished rooms. The core structure will offer little protection for your soft furnishings or keep the room warm enough to use in winter.

We’d hate you to invest your time, effort or money into a building that can easily become damp and too cold to use. We’d like to therefore introduce you to the concept of the luxury She Shed.

Luxury She Shed - open door - The Garden Room GuideWhat you get in a luxury She Shed
What we’re talking about is basically a one room timber frame house, which you can furnish and use just like a room in your house. It has the benefits though of being sited away from the distractions of the main house.

These buildings come in all shapes and sizes from compact spaces through to large multi room designs. You can choose from whimsical traditional buildings or the latest in contemporary design. A luxury She Shed is designed to be used all year round. They are highly insulated structures which will be lovely and snug in winter, yet cool in summer.

They come pre-wired electrically. You can even incorporate internet and satellite TV connections into your room, if you want to have contact with the outside world. You’ll have a lot of choice over the heating used in your She Shed. This could be as simple as an electric heater or luxurious as underfloor heating or air conditioning.

The process of ordering and installing
When buying a luxury Shed Shed you will work directly with the supplier who will install it for you. They will work with you to tailor every part of the design to your needs and tastes. You will have input into the size, the positioning of the windows and doors, right through to the internal finishes.

Your chosen supplier will then manufacture and install your She Shed in your garden. The onsite installation phase can be as little as a day, but is typically around a week. In many cases a She Shed building can be built without applying for Planning Permission, but you must check your position before starting work – in the worst case scenario you can be told to take down an unauthorised building!

Lead times on buying a luxury She Shed are quite short, typically 4 to 8 weeks depending on the time of year.

Luxury She Shed side door - The Garden Room GuideHow much is a luxury She Shed?
So, how much will a room of your own set you back? Prices start at around £5,000 for a 2.4m x 2.4m design and go upwards from there. You could get yourself a good sized, well specified room for around £12,000. Basically the bigger the room and the more designer features you choose, the more the building will cost.

This may seem a lot of money compared to buying and painting a shed or summerhouse. You will however be getting a room that you can spend time in everyday of the year. It will also add value to your house. By buying a quality She Shed you should add more than you spend to the value of your house.

For She Shed inspiration visit our design gallery. To find a supplier who builds luxury She Sheds in your area, check out our new suppliers directory.

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  1. Emma AKA Size15Stylist says:

    What a great idea of having a She Shed in your garden…the spiders can keep the manky utility room!

    *Off to scribble and earn a She Shed income*

  2. No spiders in a luxury She Shed, Emma, they wouldn’t dare!