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She Shed Week

She Shed Week, Homestead Timber BuildingsWelcome to She Shed Week!

All week on the blog we’ll be looking at how women are creating their own sanctuaries in the garden, for work or pleasure. Illustrated by some gorgeous photos, naturally!

Homestead Timber Buildings have been providing garden rooms for 28 years so know all about the latest trends. In this sponsored post they reveal how fashions are changing:

Sheds have long been known as the refuge for men wanting to escape the demands of work and family, and the word tends to conjure up images of cobwebs, rusting tools and a less than comfortable environment.

But now women are getting in on the act with their own sanctuaries in the garden, dubbed She Sheds, and last year Homebase reported a 50% increase in the number of women buying sheds.

Whether it’s for work (when it’s sometimes called a Shoffice!), hobbies, relaxing or entertaining friends, the She Shed is designed and built with care, reflecting its owner’s taste and style. Filled with treasured objects, decorated in favourite colours, and sometimes warmed by a miniature wood burner, the She Shed is a place of inspiration and comfort.

We have built She Sheds for many women who run businesses from home, and want a separate space where they can focus away from the family. Some of our She Shedders are in the creative industries and find inspiration for their writing, art or crafts by experiencing the seasons in the garden.

Others use their She Shed as a place to wind down after work, and a place for meeting friends, enjoying a glass of wine or a quiet read. We are finding more customers are choosing to put a home gym in a garden room. And it’s a peaceful place ideal for yoga and meditation, or a secluded spot that can house a hot tub.

As space is increasingly at a premium and house prices rise stratospherically, we are confident more and more women will decide a She Shed is the solution either for high productivity at work or maximum relaxation at home.

She Shed interior, Homestead Timber Buildings

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